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Star Trek: Armada II Year End Modding Contest reminder!

I know that a lot of you out there are thinking it's too late to enter the Year End Modding Contest, or that whatever you have to offer, it's not going to win. There are some misconceptions I wanted to clear up. Here we go: You submit your entries in the contest to as a COMPLETE mod. Your e-mail should include a .ZIP or a .RAR with...


Star Trek: Armada II Armada II Files - 2008 Year End Modding Contest!

This year at Armada II Files, some changes are in order for the annual tradition. The year-end modding contest will work as follows: - All submitted entries should include comprehensive readme with credit (where required) and installation instructions. - Submissions will be for Armada II only. Apologies to A1 modders. - Please e-mail your entries...


Star Trek: Armada II Star Trek: Conquest - Warping to US Game Shelves

I know not all of you are fantastically interested in this new game by the developers of last year's 'Encounters', but for those who are, here's a little tip-off; Conquest, the strategic-come-arcade game will be hitting shelves in shops from the middle of this week. Out for the PS2 and Wii ($14.99 and $29.99 respectively) the game boasts no diplomacy, no all...


Star Trek: Armada II Scripting tools for Legacy released

Great news! The scripting tools for Legacy have been released! This means custom missions can now be created. Included are the scripts for all the single player missions. Since I programmed a third of the missions for the game I'm happy to answer questions. You can download the mission scripting tools here:


Star Trek: Armada II Empires and Federation 2: Screenshots

Screenshots Page - Screenshots and Concept Art from the Empires and Federation 2 Project.


Star Trek: Armada II Legacy Mod Tools To Be Released

Endless possibilities? You're probably wondering why I'm posting an article that really would belong better on our sister site, LegacyFiles. Well, as you know, Legacy is built off Armada 2 (heck, the map editor, bar the objects used, is exactly the same) which means....*drum-roll* ...that they 'should' be compatible with Armada 2! We're not quite sure on...


Star Trek: Armada II Freespace II: Screenshots

Screenshots Page - Screenshots and Concept Art from the Freespace 2 Project. Feel free to leave comments here about the screenshots, but direct comments about the mod can be made at its mod profile.


Star Trek: Armada II Battlestar Galactica: Screenshots

Screenshots Page - Screenshots and Concept Art from the Battlestar Galactica Project.


Star Trek: Armada II Dogs of War: Screenshots

Screenshots Page - Screenshots and Concept Art from the Dogs of War Project.