Battlestar Galactica: Cat and Mouse

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Published by Joelteon7 14 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Think of the following as a futuristic version of Tom and Jerry. Except Tom can win and Jerry is three Basestar's. Yes, those of you who have Armada 1 and enjoy Battlestar Galactica are in for something of a surprise treat. iOSYS, developer of the soon-to-be-released [url=""]Year of Fire[/url] announced this side project which "being as small as it is, this mod is in no way interfering with, or replacing Year of Fire. It's just a little pet project that is almost done". So, details? What it is is really as simple as it sounds. One of the players will be controlling the mighty Battlestar Galactica, whilst the opponent will be in control of 3 Basestar's. Whilst one Basestar cannot compete with the one Galactica, as a group they can defeat the enemy, but for Galactica to win, they must defeat the enemies, all 3 of them. Do you split up and search for Galactica, who can jump from one end of the map to another instantaneously, or do you hunt around in your wolf pack, hoping you'll stumble on the prey? There do seem to be a few variants to go with it, but I'll let iOSYS' posting and a youtube video show you what I'm really going on about. Enjoy! [quote] One night at a lan party, it was at the point when we had tired of the games we had overplayed that night, and wanted something else. Within the space of a few minutes, I threw together this mini mod, in which one player commands the Galactica, and the second player mans Cylon base ships. It turned out that it is very fun, and we spent long periods playing it, and using it to "unwind" if you will, from other games, as a round of it only takes a few minutes usually. Here’s how it works: Player 1 starts with the Galactica itself, a ship armed with dozens of point defence batteries, and several heavy guns. Also in it’s arsenal is the ability to make ftl jumps to any point on the map within a few seconds. It has good sight range, and only slightly less weapons range than Cylon missiles. Player 2 starts with 3 base stars, no one baseship is able to destroy the Galactica, but a couple at once, or all 3 can. They have no Ftl, and sensor range across about 3 quarters of an average map, meaning that while they may know where the Galactica is, they have to be able to get to it. The result is players laying traps, using nebulae to hide, cherishing those few seconds you get to repair while Cylons are chasing you, and always trying to outwit each other. Currently the mod consists of very little, 2 ship types, and some weapons for them. But it really doesn’t need much more. Planned additions are as follows: -Second set of factions, sides 3 and 4. 3 would, instead of simply having the Galactica, have the Galactica and Pegasus. Side 4 would probably have 4 base ships, but they would be stronger. -New special weapons, like an array of Cylon viruses, including one based on nanites, a Galactica flak Barrier based on shield remodulation, and nukes. -Super side will be used to allow the players to fight in new Galactica, or old Galactica setting (mostly a graphics change) -Maybe some goal oriented maps, like one in which the Cylons must protect a resurrection ship, etc.[/quote]
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