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Published by Nateanite 18 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Here is an update to what is done and what needs to be done on the Star Trek Armada mod, Future Tense. [quote]Okay, as several ppl have asked me, here we go The Mod is coming on very well, Wrath of Achillies and I have planned something HUGE that will really push the game to the Max as Future Tense will enable you to interact and use map objects to your advantage, in addition new features have arrouse that will revolutionise A1 here we go: Scimitar Thaleron Weapon Animated wings pending till the weapon is perfected Warp Drive A2 Feature Exposed and improved All units or a large majority of units will have Warp capibilities Deadly weapons Ultimate weapons such as Spacial Tears, and Super Novas Saucer Seperations A2 Feature Exposed and Improved Pending testing at this stage 12 Nebulas + Armada has never seen so many, there will be more than 12 nebulas ingame Races A2 Feature Due to time restraints and no work made, the game has dropped to 5 playable races, Federation, Klingon, Reman, Romulan, Sernaix, Gargolian was disbanded as no work has been made and could add months onto release Total Conversion Upto 30 Vessels per race! each designed with different tasks and results Colonization A2 Feature Exposed and Improved Build Colonies on inhabited worlds, build colonies, service stations and other items from a planet surface to repair, recrew or simply to act as a vacation spot for your men and their vessels in orbit Hazards New realistic hazards now apply, you fly too close to a sun, your ship melts, fly into an ice nebula, it freezes, fight the Borg - well, good luck Randomized NPC's Different levels will feature various NPC's (Non Playable Characters) so one map may have Cubes, another Spheres, or maybe the high queen herself as Future Tense has several derelict hunters and fighters, dont forget if you arent a threat to them they will not care about you Canon Canon references, including the U.S.S. Titan, (Fleet Admiral Riker's Warship) scenes, travel to places like Romulus and Remus, battle Canon vessels, all 3 MODS are Canon to trek timelines Hundreds of Specials Each ship will have around 1 - 2 specials with the exception of Dreadnoughts that may have 1-4 but with around 30 ships a race * 5 u get the idea of the numbers Crew Unlike other MODS, each unit hopefully will have different voices, this will make the Mod VERY large so they will be optional downloadable for 56K users but each vessel will have various voices so you will not have 2 ship classes with the same voice, eg, 10 ship classes using fbattle's voice for example Thats it for now, though more will probably be dreamt up and added as we have something big that only a few people know about that will leave you amazed (or destroyed) The Mod is currently awaiting: 10 more Federation ships, and Federation Turrets Klingon Ships, and Klingon Stations Romulan ships, and Romulan stations Wireframes Reman GUI Voice Casting Considering the MOD is now a year old, a hell of a lot has been made in the past year I think you'll agree and if I had to stick a percentage on the MOD's complete I'd say it would be around 80% and increasing quickly every week! Overall I think we are still looking at a late September/Early October release but with the newest features, may push it into mid October, depending on time restraints etc etc Adam [/quote] [b]Update[/b]Phantom has informed me that the mod will also have full Armada lightmaps, and has around 40 single player missions.
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