Star Trek Forever

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Published by Nateanite 18 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Star Trek Forever is a new mod being made for Star Trek Armada. Here is some info. on it. [quote]STAR TREK FOREVER; The one and only mod which is ment to be canon. Now, before I hear any one say, what Armada is it for? it's is for Armada 1. However, that isn't yet solid, and if there are people willing to help to convert everything to A2 once the first part is done, then you might just also see the mod for A2. Anyhow, here's a brief description of all that you want to know. - The complete mod will have ~40 canon starfleet ships and 15~20 canon stations (well, as close to canon as possible..) - There will be a whole new research technique. Instead of researching ship designs or weapons, you will have one research pod for one era (Pre TOS, TOS, Pre TNG, TNG, Post TNG) and subsequent ships are researched by building a ship that is just bellow on the timeline. Federation should have a total time of continuous research of ~30minutes. - There is no particular time frame for the mod. You will start in 2150 and proceed through time by researching (or assimilation for borg) The last ship to be researched is in year 2380, which is Prometheus class. As many of you already know, I have managed to come up with a small preview. However, I will need some help with ODF editing and other "notepad-works". I have gotten as far as having completed all the "theoretical" part of Federation side, and the collection of all the materials. Which are, the buttons for all ships, all specs for federation vessels (all 43 of them!!) and most of Sods and Textures. (however, I still need permission on some of them; could not reach the authors) I realise that you want more races. But you must also realise that my mod being as widespread across the timeline as it is, it is simply impossible to do anything about Klingons and specificaly, Romulans and Borg. So what I am planning to do, is make a whole series of custom made maps that will be played from a certain time frame to a certain timeframe. There, you will need to, say, make peace treaties with Klingons (by killing all attackers on a klingon outpost), fight a romulan invasion, survive another futile endevaur of assimilation of Earth. And so on. It whont be just like most other mods out there that have mere base-building battles as the thesis. As of now, I have a list of open jobs. If you think you can do any of the following, be sure to contact me. -Simple ODF editing: replace all the old specs of ships with the ones on specs table (provided by me) -Wireframe editor/creator. (This will be quite a job for you. 43 ships, and that's only the federation.) -Someone to do the simple weapon ODFs. (ranging from lasers in 2150s to powerful phasers found on Prometheus class vessels at 2380s) (specs provided by me) -Special weapons, ranging from minefields to... well, just about anything. Which can even be the antimatter fireworks seen in TNG "Best of Both Worlds" -And lastly, someone to do a website. Contact me for info. You may contact me at [email protected] Mr. Vulcan [/quote]
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