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Addons Buildable Galaxy Class for A1

This mod adds the Galaxy Class to the build menu. Good mod, but poor installation instructions.


Addons Klingon Superweapon Mod

A nice change to the super weapon, I like it :D


Addons Armada Restoration Project

Captain Mario: THIS IS NOT MY MOD This mod is from in the Gamemods Section. THIS WAS ORIG...


Addons Armada 1 Addon Mod

Here we have an interesting little ODF mod from archerscott for all of you Armada 1 fans out there. This mod will alter some aspects...


Addons A1: Simple yet Powerful AI

This is a difficult AI for Star Trek: Armada, NOT Armada II. This file is meant to teach people with little knowledge that it doesn't take...


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Addons Warheads Mod 1.7b

It adds new ships to all races (Like the Advanced Warbird Class with a powerful Shield Inversion Beam and more.


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Addons The Big One Mod

Adds ships and stations from Star Trek DS9 to Armada.


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Addons BrazzaModV2 adds various ships and stations

Adds ships and stations to Star Trek Armada


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Addons Adds new ships to Star Trek Armada

Another great add on to star trek armada it gives you new ships and stations


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Addons Nathanius' Armada Expansion

Here is a full version of the expansion. Self extracting archive, place in the root directory of your Armada install. Please contact me with...