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Miscellaneous Sod Exporter

This, apparently, is a sod exporter for 3dsmax.


Miscellaneous Year of Fire Trailer 2006

This is a trailer for an Armada 1 modification named "Year of Fire" - scheduled for release in 2007. The music for the trailer adds to i...


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Miscellaneous Future Tense (New) Trailer

Well, you've read the title folks. this is a new trailer released by the Future Tense team. And what a trailer it is, even though about hal...


Miscellaneous Future Tense 4 Minute Opening Teaser

"Wow". Now, onto the review for this Armada2Files/AFC exclusive! This is the first 4 minutes (of about 13) from the opening video to Futu...


Miscellaneous Year of Fire - Trailer II

Those who know me know I like custom designs and made up universe's; I like the imagination involved and the inspiration in it to expand


Miscellaneous LCARS Federation GUI

Here is (as reuqested by the community) the new LCARS Federation GUI made by frostmourn4. Beside the new mainly blue design it allows longe...


Miscellaneous New Shield Disabled Effect

I was never a fan of the whole "shields down effect" concept. It seemed to me like, when the shields were down, they'd be down all the way,...


Miscellaneous LCARS Star Trek Screensaver

Star Trek screensaver that looks like a LARCS Terminal


Miscellaneous Dark Blue Blackhole

rendition (if you can see it, you'll be VERY lucky to escape it). However, this black hole looks a far sight better than the 'swirly paint'...


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Miscellaneous star trek screen saver that looks like a LARCS

star trek screen saver that looks like a LARCS Terminal