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Addons Buildable Galaxy Class for A1

This mod adds the Galaxy Class to the build menu. Good mod, but poor installation instructions.


Addons Klingon Superweapon Mod

A nice change to the super weapon, I like it :D


Addons Armada Restoration Project

Captain Mario: THIS IS NOT MY MOD This mod is from in the Gamemods Section. THIS WAS ORIG...


Addons Armada 1 Addon Mod

Here we have an interesting little ODF mod from archerscott for all of you Armada 1 fans out there. This mod will alter some aspects...


Addons A1: Simple yet Powerful AI

This is a difficult AI for Star Trek: Armada, NOT Armada II. This file is meant to teach people with little knowledge that it doesn't take...


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Addons Warheads Mod 1.7b

It adds new ships to all races (Like the Advanced Warbird Class with a powerful Shield Inversion Beam and more.


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Addons The Big One Mod

Adds ships and stations from Star Trek DS9 to Armada.


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Addons BrazzaModV2 adds various ships and stations

Adds ships and stations to Star Trek Armada


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Addons Adds new ships to Star Trek Armada

Another great add on to star trek armada it gives you new ships and stations


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Addons Nathanius' Armada Expansion

Here is a full version of the expansion. Self extracting archive, place in the root directory of your Armada install. Please contact me with...


Miscellaneous Armada 1 Realism

This is an Armada 1 mod that changes the RTS_CFG file to make the game much easier, in my opinion. It says that it betters realisim, but it...


Miscellaneous Armada 1 ODF Realisim

This mod re-balance the Armada 1 realsism settings to make the Borg more powerful and the Feds basically more scared. This is better...


Miscellaneous Armada 1 Realism

This is an Armada 1 mod that changes the properties of the RTS_CFG file. You can take a look at the readme for exactly what it did, b...


Miscellaneous New A1 Intro .bik movie!

This is a new intro movie for Star Trek Armada. It was created using files and images from both Star Trek Armada and Armada II. If your...


Miscellaneous A1 Texture Set 2

Another set of textures for stock A1, including sepia tones, inverted colours and a straight black/white set. Worth a look if you're sti...


Miscellaneous A1 Texture Set

These very artistic looking textures for A1 offer a distinctive and never-before-seen look for Armada. Effects/Adjustments includ...


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Full Races Star Trek: Armada (A1) Discovery beta

this is the first release of the Discovery mod. this mod takes place during the years after Star Trek: Nemesis, and follows the crew of the...


Total Conversions Star Trek Armada Alliances

This is a rather excelent Armada I mod by WrathofAchilles. The races are different and we also have The Dominion (Cardassians / Dominion) in...


Total Conversions Armada Alliances Patch

This is the long overdue 1.1 patch for Achilles' fantastic Armada 1 mod "Alliances", providing new races, ships and effects to Armada 1....


Total Conversions Millenium Project

A long time ago, when some game called "Armada 1" had been out for a short time, a band of now-legendary modders took it upon themselves to...


Total Conversions Star Ocean Project: Executioner Assault

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time was the latest venture (of 3 games) into the universe of a futuristic Milky Way universe where Humans had v...


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Total Conversions Star Ocean Project: Executioner Assault Fix

It's amazing that 1.5kb of files (for reference, 2) can stop a mod from working, ahwell. This is a fix for the Armada 1mod 'Star Ocean Prj...


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Total Conversions Star Trek vs Star Wars v1.0

Adds several new Federation and Klingon ships and station to Star Trek Armada and completely replaces the Romulans and the Borg with the Reb...


Weapons Armada I Romulan Super Weapon

This is a Romulan Super Weapon for Armada I By Sherman 2!


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