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Ships Calnus

This ships is one from the Star Ocean Project. I guess you could call this a showcase of whats to come ;) - This is for Armada I also, thus...


Ships Zala Cruiser (A1)

Exactly the same as the A2 Version:;75230, just this one being for Armada I - Ash


Ships Ael' hlaiim Class Warbird

This multi-mission orientated vessel is quite capable to deal with situations that would normally require many vessels to complete.


Ships Reman Warbird Scimitar (for A1)

Reman Warbird Scimitar v1.3Model Credits:- Mesh Developer: Taldren Texture Developer: Taldren


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Ships Valiant Texture Patch

mod, you're going to want this for it. A beautiful design just gets better. :cool:


Ships D'tallax Class Warbird

done an amazing job with equipping this design, converted to A2 by the incomparable Pepperman. Worth a look even if you're not playing A1. :...


Ships Reman Scythe Class Battle Cruiser

battlecruiser.After the colonization of Crateris, the Reman Scythe Class battlecruiser was built in secret with the aid of the Tal Sh...


Ships U.S.S. Premonition

Prime Directive and make use of Federations' latest research into temporal technology. Docking at Starfleets' last remaining functional ship...


Ships TNG Romulan Ship Pack

ships and the like. This ship pack releases some of his unique Romulan designs to the Armada community. The user will need to create build...


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Ships D'eshara Class Warbird

wireframes and odf files to properly install this ship. A rough odf file is provided to provide locations of respective hardpoints.


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Ships D'eshara Class Warbird

Introducing the Romulan D'eshara Class Warbird. Design brought to you by Galen/Kaden (GK) Designs with the model and textures being supplie...


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Ships D'renxus-Class Starhawk

texture files (*.tga) are included. The rdrenxus.odf file is included to show relative positioning of the hardpoints. It assumed that you...


Federation Aquiescent Class

Version 1.1 of this mod includes new texture sets (at 512x512), and some corrections to the weapons included. This is still one truly fa...


Federation UCCD

This is a retexture mod for.... ARMADA 1! That's right, our first Armada 1 file! Anyways, It retextures the soveriegn class and others!


Federation Serpent Class

This is an updated Serpent class for Armada 1, it has a new texture and hardpoint locations. Pretty good job, add to your collection!


Federation Discovery Class TOS Scout

Discovery Class TOS Scout for Armada 1. Mesh and textures by Icewolf132, original design by Cleve from the Staryards for SFC2


Federation Unity Class Frigate.

This is a Unity Class Frigate for Armada I, but it is Armada II compatable. It lacks build button, ODFs, wireframes and SOD though. Good do-...


Federation Manta Class for A1

This is the Manta Class for A1. Personally I think the its a nice mesh and a good effort, but the textures could do with a little more work...


Federation Audacious Class

Well, a nice futuristic-looking ship here, I've seen it before (I think on BCFiles). Nevertheless, its nice, and has a 'slipstream' feel...


Federation Ulysses Class

Ok, I've got to admit this might be a little bit biased, purely because this is my favourite Federation design. Coming from Interplay's ti...


Federation USS Enterprise-E

This mod brings Rick Knox’s (a.k.a pneumonic81) Sovereign class starship, specifically the U.S.S Enterprise-E, to the A1 community. The shi...


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Federation Valiant Class for STA 1

After a long while sitting on my one my comp i decided to wrap this up and ship it out. So with permission From DJ, K_merse, and some seriou...


Federation Century Class

Well hopefully the last of the 2 conversions for K_merse's A2 ships here is the Century Class. In my opinion one of the greatest des...


Federation U.S.S. Interceptor

The Interceptor for Armada I (not A2) looks nice and makes a nice addition to the fast attack / destroyer ranks for Starfleet. Download...


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