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Here we have an interesting little ODF mod from archerscott for all of you Armada 1 fans out there. This mod will alter some aspects...


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Here we have an interesting little ODF mod from archerscott for all of you Armada 1 fans out there. This mod will alter some aspects of the missions/single player campaign to make the game far more difficult; such as

  • Species 9431 are equipped with pulse phasers
  • All smaller destroyer craft such as the Defiant, BoP and Shrike cost 80 units of Dilithium
  • All destroyers have reduced shielding values (strength is now 80)
  • If the Borg weren't terrifying enough already the Borg Interceptors have Martok's Negh'var's Plasma Cannon set to a damagebase of 1000 so those little annoying Borg ships now become real threats to the fleet even before the Cubes and Spheres start rolling in
  • Akira's Chain Reaction Pulsar weapon has a damagebase of 200 and will hit more targets
  • The Psychonic Blast has a higher kill ratio, will come in handy during the Battle of the Pleiades cluster
  • The Federation Temporal Field super weapon freezed enemies for 10 seconds now but it covers more ground so it will catch a large fleet of guard but have your fleet nearby as coming from deep to attack the halted enemy fleet would not be advisable now.
  • The Galaxy class is now buildable

All in all, it is a good mod.. It has given me the idea to do a few adjustments to my own Armada 1 copy and see if I can make those classic missions tougher!

Excellent Job! Hope to see more

- IKS Requirements: Armada 1 ODF Editor

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Download '' (56KB)

I am no longer modding Aramda II but I came across my Armada I disk and I got pulled into it all over again!

Do you fancy a change and a challenge to your old Armada I missions?

Now you can! Enclosed are modified ODFs to alter the game. 

REQUIRED: You must have the Armada I odf editor (available seperately) installed for them to work.



Species 9431 now have pulse phasers but reduced special weapon fire. They'll be tough to beat!

Defiants, Bird of Prey, Shrike and Interceptors cost 80 dilithium to build but they also have 80 shields!

Interceptors fire Martok's plasma cannon which has been altered to give a 1000 damage. Resistance is futile!
The Interceptors are great fun on the 'Now and Again' when the Enterprise E must escort Spock.
You'll have to use all your wits to get him home now!

The chain reactor pulsar does 200 damage and knocks out most vessels. 

The psychonic blast kills more crew. Four shadows can take down a research station but can they survive that long?

The temporal field stops enemies for 10 seconds now (only to pause), but the range is bigger so more ships get
caught in its wake. Starfleet can't rest on its laurels now, the fleet must be nearby to take down the threat!

These enhancements are meant for you to have a bit of fun!
'Run the gauntlet' and engage for more battles!

To install:

Open one folder at a time.

Open ship folder first, copy and paste all odfs inside:
place in addon folder in Armada 1 directory.
now copy and paste the files again to the odf/ships folder inside add on.

Repeat for station folder (1st addon folder and copy and paste again to odf/stations.)

Finally special weapon folder. (1st addon folder and copy and paste again to odf/special weapons.)

***Now this is important, you must have a copy of every odf used in both location*** 
1 in the addon itself. 
1 in the odf folder (ship/station/special weapon) 

(The computer will only recognise the default odfs if there is not two. Might just be my computer or the way
Armada 1 works - it is different afterall!)


Now for instant action play, you can have the Galaxy class for Starfleet.

Use the fyard.odf , which you have already installed above
(Only if you play as Starfleet can you build the Galaxy Class)
i.e. The AI cannot build them.
It should appear in the single player missions you play as Starfleet - it did on mine. 
But not when you play against. I.e. Twilight Hour (fourth Borg mission.)

I have used the steamrunner button so you can press something and watch the timer!

Modify the techtree - only once!: 
After last Fed ship (not station) the layout is different.

Tech 1 - add fgalaxy.odf 0    (I have decided nothing is required to build it)

fulltech - add fgalaxy.odf 0

Modify sprite file - just once!:
gui_global - after last Fed ship add:

b_fgalaxy	gbfbld200	0	64	64	64

That's it - all done. 

***Nice and simple for my first Armada I MOD.*** 


ODF changes - Archerscott (Me)

Original ODF editor MOD - (Unknown)

Original game - Activision (Thanks for a great game!)

Contact address: (Replace AT with @ to send)

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