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This is the long overdue 1.1 patch for Achilles' fantastic Armada 1 mod "Alliances", providing new races, ships and effects to Armada 1....


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This is the long overdue 1.1 patch for Achilles' fantastic Armada 1 mod "Alliances", providing new races, ships and effects to Armada 1. The patch includes, but not limited to, new models, new ships/stations, altered stats and a couple of generic new features (special resource).

Considering the size of the original, this should be nothing to download in terms of fixing any bugs that were in it. A must have for those who use it and I recommend those who do not, get it and then get this and see what they've been missing. An excellent mod rounded up in quality, thanks Achilles :)

Note - It comes in an .exe and all changes/fixes can be viewed in the readme.

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Download 'stalliance11.1.exe' (9.72MB)

Star Trek Armada Alliances V1.1 Patch by WrathofAchilles aka Achilles


Just make sure you have a clean install of Star trek armada 1 with the 1.2 
patch if needed.
Ensure the Star Trek Alliances mod is installed.
Run the exe (if you want it to install to a directory other that the default 
one you can change this)


After releasing Star Trek Armada Alliance v1.0 it became apparent there were 
many errors causing crashes and reducing the game play experience. I have 
tried to correct all of these bugs and hope I have, if not then I guess 
there will be a patch 1.2 but hopefully this is it. I took the opportunity 
to bring several features and enhancements to the mod I simply did no have 
the time to do before the original release, these are detailed below.


Special resource is now implemented. only dreadnoughts, special facilities 
and super turrets require this.
Many new and remade maps as the old ones caused problems
Cannon ship sizes, to a certain extent, the borg would be too big
Cannon crew compliments, to a certain extent, the borg would take forever to 
Additional techtrees can be used
Different starting options
Single Player still not enabled


K'tinga (Alliance torpedo ship - replaces Dug yay, increased specs)
Excalibur (Federation Dreadnought)
Interceptor (Dominion Breen cruiser)
Dominator (Dominion Breen battleship)
Seige cruiser (Dominion Jem'Hadar cruiser)
Norin (Dominion Cardassian cruiser)
Makree (Dominion Cardassian Scout)
Hedra (Borg torpedo cruiser)

Breen shipyard (Dominion Breen shipyard)
Su'Nemm project (Alliance superstation)
Engine override turret (Federation super turret)
Weapons override turret (Alliance super turret)
Holding Beam turret (Borg super turret)


Federation advanced shipyard (same model but poly reduced by 2000 polies)
Borg freighter (New model)
Borg Standard & Advanced constructor (New models)
Alliance freighter (Hawk class re-use)

Federation Starbase (New Model)
Federation Headquarters (Spacedock Model)
Dominion Jem'hadar yard (New model)
Dominion sensor (New model, armed and better shields)
Alliance Ion turret (New model)
Alliance Klingon imperial yard (New model)
Alliance Mining station (New Model)
Borg starbase (New model)
Borg Mining station (New model)

ALTERED UNITS (specifications)

Alliance b'rel class (incresead rate of fire)
Alliance Maqh'Migh class (Specs and price lowered, reclassed as Very heavy 
Federation Titan class (Specs and price lowered, reclassed as Very heavy 
Federation Sabre class (Now has Enhanced Firepower special)
Federation Intrepid class (Now has Federation Marine team special)
Federation Defiant class (Specs and cost raised to be a stronger vessel)
Borg Probe (Decreased buildtime, increased weapon power)
Borg Cube (Increased shields)
Borg Tactical Cube (Increased shields)
Cardassian cloaks for Hideki, Odekra, argrai, Norin & Keldon classes
Probes added to Hecate, Shadow and Gallus classes
Self destruct enabled for ships from tech levels 4 & 5 only.

Borg Shield remodulation turret (repriced to 1100)
Borg Utribeam turret (repriced to 1400)
Federation shockwave turret (repriced to 1300)
Alliance Tal shiar yard (Now built from first constructor)
Torpedo turrets firing ranges increased (all races)


New Klingon standard disruptor sound
New Romulan light and heavy disruptor sounds
Race specific mining beam for Cardassians/Borg/Alliance
New pulse graphics for klingon/Romulan/Federation
race Specific Welding beams for Cardassian/Borg/Alliance
New Torpedo graphic for the Klingons
New moon models
New sun models
New nebula textures


This project is in no way affiliated, attached, or authorised by Activision, 
MadDOC Software, or
any subsidaries, sub divisions, company members or other such affiliates to 
the aforementioned
companies. They cannot be held liable or responsible for your actions 
concerning innapropriate
usage of the files contained in this mod. Please refrain from contacting any 
of the above parties
with regards to problems arising from any kind of usage of the files 
contained in the mod, as no
support is given. You are responsible for your own usage of this mod, and 
are dictacted by the
standard terms governing its usage. This includes extrenuating circumstances 
in which 3rd party
alteration to the included files may cause problems, or damage to the users 
system. In this case I,
WrathofAchilles, cannot be held liable for such missuse, and will not 
provide any help or support in
these matters.


K'tinga from BI2

Excalibur - Original that this version has been rebuilt around created for 
the Bridge Commander community by Cpt LC Amaral. This mesh complete rebuild 
by Major A Payne. Texture set created using renderings from the USS 
Excalibur high poly mesh as created by Steven "Rivers3D" Davis 

Breen Interceptor
Breen Attack Cruiser from the dominion ultimate mod breen patch by 

Breen Dominator
Original Model Design: Zorg / Morpheus
Original Textures: Zorg / Morpheus
Original Mesh: Zorg / Morpheus
Conversion: Sherman2
Edited Textures: SupaStarAsh

Breen yard - Originally cyard from A2
converted to A1 by Ben Maxwell.
texture coloured by me.

Quantum cobalt torpedo by Captain Future

Cardassian Scout
Drill class by Ben Maxwell.

Nebula textures by Yacuzza
Moon textures by Yacuzza
Sun textures by Yacuzza

5assault map based on a map by Ben Maxwell

Alliance freighter
Hawk class from Star Fleet Command 3
ported to Armada sod by Sherman2

fbasehq by 9ofNine
textures used for fbase also


Major A Payne, a constant freind and a great source of brilliant models

Future Tense Team, Phantom and Cec have been with me while I learnt and 
these guys are constantly challenging you

STGamer2002/3, A fellow lover of the dominion and a great person in general

Joel, Site admin of, A good freind and a nice guy


Borg Incursion - Any of them, especially Borg Incursion - Vital Response

Future Tense - This mod will blow all A1 mods out of the water, no question

Dominion Ultimate mod - Takes some modding but a brilliant mod for A2 for 
you dominion lovers

Project Midnight - The reforming of most of the twilight team and it looks 
great so far.


There will possibly be a 1.2 patch if I can see a need but assuming I get 
everything I want done
and working correctly in this patch it should be a very complete mod.


I hope you have fun playing my baby, she is my pride and joy.

Contact me with ideas, complaints and anything in general at....

[email protected]

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