Dark Omens 2



Remember the last Federation campaign mission from Armada, "Dark Omens"? This map (and accompanying techtree) changes the map a little bit, as well as making the Borg base "a little... different". Always a good thing to get new mods from new modders, and FallenGraces certainly has taken an ambitious subject in hand here. Whether or not it works for you will depend on how you install things.

FallenGraces points out, "I actually was not able to beat this mission on hard so I had to go to medium (might just be me)". I think it's only fair someone takes up the challenge and sees what can be done here.

A fine first mod, and a worthy download for all you A1 players.




Dark Omens by Fallengraces

This is actually my first published work be it mod or map. Lookin back on Armada it is a fun game but lacks a true challange for most of the Game's Single Player mode. As such I went back and tweaked the mission that i felt was the biggest disappointment. Dark Omens is the Final mission of the Federation yet lacks the ability to build any real ships, so i changed that.

I changed the map completly. The borg now have a moons (plural) to mine from so they begin to act like....well borg. The addition of the three galaxy class ships well me needed early and often. For experienced modders (or anyone that has stared at tech file from a few minutes) you might want to tweak the file so you can build the ships you will want, along with weapons.

For those of you who are not so gifted i have added both the original tech file for this mission and have made the needed changes. ( just basic changes made the sovie, relector, and fed2 shipyard build able along with the pod) 

If all goes well im hopeing to have the fed and klingion missions up soon the release them in a pack followed by the romulans and borg, and final mission. Or just all at once idk
I actually was not able to beat this mission on hard so i had to go to medium (might just be me) as such i didn't come across any problems but PLEASE contact me if you have any problems. 
at [email protected]

Hope you enjoy

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