Dominion Carrier for Armada 1



This is a conversion of the Dominion Carrier by Wrath of Achilles, to A1, by Pepperman and Weyoun.

A little something new comes along every now and then for our Armada gamers, and usually it's awesome stuff. This is no exception.

Worth a download if you still play A1.




Thank to Wrath of Achilles for making the dominion carrier, and giving me permission to convert it. 
Thanks to pepperman for actually converting it to armada 1. All I did was make the build buttons, wireframes, 
and wrote the odf.

to intall:
1. place odfs, sods, tgas, into the appropriate folders.
2. Put in the tech1 tree: dcarrier.odf 0, and add to which race's shipyard you want. builditem4 = "dcarrier"
3. go to the sprites folder, open gui_global and add the following lines

At reference 64:

b_dcarrier			gbdcarrier	0	0	64	64

and @ ship wireframes
@reference 128

dcarrierw1			dccwireframe	0	0	256	256
dcarrierw2			dccwireframe	0	0	256	256
dcarrierw3			dccwireframe	0	0	256	256
dcarrierw4			dccwireframe	0	0	256	256
dcarrierw5			dccwireframe	0	0	256	256

any questions: e-mail me @ [email protected]

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