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A long time ago, when some game called "Armada 1" had been out for a short time, a band of now-legendary modders took it upon themselves to...


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A long time ago, when some game called "Armada 1" had been out for a short time, a band of now-legendary modders took it upon themselves to make it a real armada...and that they did. Now, as part of the celebration of the 2000th file of this site, this is the gift for the Armada 1 community. The Millenium Project added so much to Armada 1; new models, textures, maps etc. AND remained single player compatible. In fact, some of the models in this mod are actually what you can see today in current mods! Whilst I have no intention of not speaking up for all the modders involved, to give you some idea of the team it included (and certainly not limited to) Deemon, P81 and MaP. This is a dream team mod and it's finally on this site!

Unfortunately, I have not played this my self, but you will hear of people who still play it, rant on about it, rave how it made Armada 1 so much better...and you'd be convinced that they really aren't wrong. Still, this pack contains:

  • MP 1.9SE Final
  • MP High-Res Textures
  • MP Final Missions Patch

This is modding at its finest, regardless of the game. Really, what ARE you waiting for? Armada 1 players, download now if you don't already have it and run the .exe's contained within...and play.

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Download '' (26.36MB)


1.	Install Armada
2.	Install Armada 1.2 official patch
3.	Run the MP 1.9se setup.exe to install.
4.	Run the Hi Res Texture pack.exe to install the Hi Res Textures *note only install the Hi Res Texture pack if you have a capable video card, eg, Voodoo 1 – 3 based cards cannot view 512x512 textures*

Just reinstall armada and delete the Armada directory it's the easiest way

Single Player Mission Note
Some single player missions might pause after certain cut scenes, from what I can tell this is due to things being loaded which might take while depending on computer speed etc, but all the missions do indeed work…


NOTE: Please do not contact any of the members below in regards to the MP2


*Deemon*(  - Modeler of The following ships and stations
Oberth, Danube, Saber, Nova, Intrepid, Norway, Miranda, Ambassador, Excelsior, Galaxy, Galaxy - X, New Orleans, Olympic, Prometheus, Negh’Var, Vood’ieh, Batleth,  Vor’Cha, K'tinga, Federation HWP, Romulan HWP, Klingon HWP, Borg HWP, Borg Unicomplex, Borg Cube, Borg Tactical Cube, Klingon Ty'Gokor, Sovereign-X, Akira, DS9, Nebula, New Orleans,  Deemon, Dauntless, Delta flyer, Intrepid Variant, Mckinley Station, Keldon, Galor, Hideki, Dominion Dreadnought, Nor Starbase, Advanced Cardassian Shipyard, Breen Torpedo Cruiser, Breen Frigate.

KennyZ (  - Modeler of the following ships
Borg Disk, Borg 'H', Borg Tac Sphear.

Pneumonic81 (  - Molder of The following ships and stations
Qud, voDleH, K'vort, qu'HoS, Bird of Pray, Legion, Centurion, Senator, and Imperial Hawk

Rivers3D (Unknown) - Designer and Modeler of the Excalibur class

Major A Payne ( 
Dufus ( I drove this guy insane hehe :D – Modelers of the Achilles Class Starship, also special thanks to Deemon ( 

Other Art

Akira ( Original Weapon Textures
Viper ( New Weapon Textures
Wraith Guard ( New Weapon Textures

Endeavor ( Original buttons for most of the ships and stations

Thunderst ( Original Wire frames, some buttons, and the texture for the B’rel

Viper ( Wireframes, Federation & few other buttons, Texture for the Achilles Class Starship, Deflector for the Galaxy/Galaxy - X

Viper ( Some new sounds
Sly ( Some new sounds

The Meet of The Mod

Viper ( 99% Odf Modding

Temporal Paradox ( Updated Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Viper ( Single Player Mission fixes/tweaks
Thunderst ( Helper with Single Player missions fixes 

The_Dominion ( Map Man

Viper ( Single Player, Fulltech, Freetech, Superside, No Superweapon .tt files


ALI_G  Helper with Testing and Ideas

resistance is futile aka rif ( -  Ultra Heavy Beta Testing, thanks a lot man.  Be nice to this guy he helped me a very great deal and that’s no exaggeration.

Captain Picard 2371 ( – Beta testing
Romulars ( – Beta Testing

MP Troubleshooting

 This mod has been tested over and over and over by myself (Viper), Captain Picard 2371, Romulars.  All problems have been fixed.

If you do have a problem, eg. game crashes for some reason,

1.	Uninstall MP and Armada
2.	Reinstall Armada
3.	Update Armada to the latest patch (1.2 currently)
4.	Install MP 1.9se Full

That should hopefully fix the problem.

If there are any other problems, post a thorough  explanation on our message board here

Tech Support

If you need Tech support, follow the instructions listed above.  If they don’t work, please post your problem on our message board here


•	Single player missions have been fixed and tweaked (bout time ay).
•	Installed new sods by Deemon.
•	Installed new Achilles class starship by Major a Payne, Dufus, and myself (Viper)
•	Added new textures by myself (Viper) and Deemon
•	Added new Wireframes made by myself (Viper)
•	Added new sounds made by myself (Viper) and Sly
•	Added new Weapon Textures by myself (Viper) and Wraith Guard
•	Added new updated Artificial Intelligence (AI) by Temporal Paradox
•	 Tweaked Hero Units shields.  All hero units now have shield power set at 1500 and recharge rate of 15 (except Locutus’ Cube)
•	Altered/tweaked most ships, stations, weapons odf’s


Regards MP team…

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