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Star Ocean: Till the End of Time was the latest venture (of 3 games) into the universe of a futuristic Milky Way universe where Humans had v...


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Star Ocean: Till the End of Time was the latest venture (of 3 games) into the universe of a futuristic Milky Way universe where Humans had ventured forth into space, sprawling across many systems and constructing many large bases throughout their network named as the Pangalactic Federation. Of course, where there are Humans in a sci-fi universe, there are aliens. The aliens, the Vendeeni who are included in this mod, are but one of the other races whilst the Aldians are also at war with the Pangalactic Federation, but are not in this mod. Set after TtEoT where a shocking discovery is made that the universe as known turned out to be a virtual reality and the protagonists of the story defeated the creator, but restored their galaxy from ultimate destroyers sent by the creator of this universe, shows the re-cooperation of two races (coming in a future patch, more on this later) that play a prominent part in the story; the Humans of the Pangalactic Federation with their smaller ships and less developed technology with a counter of the Vendeeni who boast extremely powerful ships (early on, I should add) with vast technology. It's a classic encounter of good vs. bad.

Of course, that's just the story which you can read when opening up the mod! There's still the entire game to play! So, let's do this in an objective way:

The Good

  • Ship designs - 2 new races made up of entirely new designs that have never before been seen in any Armada game (bar the couple of releases). They are extremely well done and thought out and whilst there are but a few images of some in the games (with only a couple even shown on the Vendeeni front), the made up ships fit in perfectly with the race. None seem to stand-out in a "oh, I'm a filler ship” and every ship has a role, although it did take me a bit of time to work out the artillery ships.
  • Stations - The stations fit in again. Both races have themes, with the Vendeeni running on weapons that blister the fabric of space with a bone-crunching race special with the Nebula Creator/Destructor that can obliterate fleets in seconds. The Pangalactic use bulky stations running on themes to either enhance or protect their ships with additional fire-power, which against the Borg and Vendeeni are greatly needed.
  • Re-vamp - Whilst the Klingons and Romulans have been chucked out, replaced with the additional races, the Federation and Borg have been re-done giving them a few new ships (not too many for the Feds, but still enough for plenty of variation) and abilities. One I enjoyed was the Galaxy class deflector pulse, basically an additional weapon just taking a long time to recharge whilst the Excalibur's quantum-artillery blow-crap-up weapon was the créme-de-la-créme to the Federation's repertoire of weapons. The new Starbase for the Federation is also very fitting. The Borg, most notably, sport better textures, much more in-kind to what we've come to accept as the spooky-First Contact/Voyager textures.
  • Game-play and Tech - Whilst nothing to general game-play has changed with these two races (nothing fundamental being changed to the game it self) the tech is incredibly easy to get to grips with. On first run of the two new races, I was able to very quickly work out what was needed to get to the top and my Vendeeni carrier and dreadnaught (lovely ships) whereas I knew with the Pangalactic Federation that I needed to get my Gravitic-Warp gate up and running to by-pass some VERY powerful 4d beings (from the 'real universe') = these being the 'angel and demon' like creatures depicted in some of the earlier shots. Be careful! They are NOT to be taken lightly. I recommend 3 full fleets of high-end ships from any race concentrated on one to try and take it out and even then, you'll need to replenish.
  • Balance - As mentioned above, the Pangalactic Federation and Vendeeni are fundamentally opposites and this makes for good game-play (you'll need a respective 2 of each class of the Pangalactic ships to counter one of the Vendeeni) and against each other, they make for some great battles. Similarly, the Federation are relatively balanced to the Borg, but unfortunately it seems the two universes aren't quite balanced to one another. When playing as the Federation against the Pangalactic, I was struggling to take out some of their higher end ships with my higher end ships (for note, the Pangalactic and Vendeeni high-end ships can tear apart low-end Federation and Borg ships). I'm sure this can be fixed though in the future.
  • A bit-of-colour makes dead ships cool - The textures for ALL the weapons and explosions have either been enhanced or completely replaced. All I need to say is that they're great. The special weapons, re-done of old ones too, look absolutely stunning. One thing to not change about this mod is this!
  • Vendeeni Carrier - I thought this was worthy of special note. The carrier, equivalent in size to the dreadnaught but not as powerful, looks fantastic. Zoomed in, you can see under-hung on the model is a bay with fighters in with static force-fields keeping them in-place. The animation for the attack (automated) launches two waves of them at the enemy. Unfortunately, the animation just has them ram the enemy. If this could be re-worked for them to launch, fire some sort of weapon and return and come out again, that would be perfect. As it is now, it's still worthy of special note.
  • Pangalactic Federation Engines - Just look at them. The smaller ships have trails. Honestly, trails. Simply, it's frikkin' awesome!

Of course, there are bad points (granted some have already been noted, but these are in particular).

The Bad

  • Fayt Class Battle-cruiser - As far as I can tell, just when I was re-viewing the shipyard icon of it, it crashed to the desktop. Now, whilst this is bad (especially considering it's the race's special (yup, a ship not a station) which is needed against the Vendeeni) as far as I can tell, this is the ONLY BUG in the entire mod. Considering the work done, that's a heck of a good job and this can be easily fixed I'm sure.
  • Shipyard Alignments - When sending ships to repair and this was present on all the shipyards, the ships queued up fine but entered the repair part out-of-alignment, in some cases adjacent to the yard or half-way into it, which looks a bit bad, especially with ships being built in-side. On a similar note, the Galaxy class barely fits in the shipyard. For 1.1, just make that yard a little bit bigger. Whilst this problem is of course dismissible, for perfection, this can be changed to make it look even better.
  • Textures - Honestly speaking, these aren't the best textures around (Vendeeni and Pangalactic) and at some points they're a bit blurred and don't match-up entirely, however after just a short time, you seem to completely forget about this and carry on playing. I recommend, pushing the limits a little bit which I think is possible considering you don't have the light-maps and such that A2 has, is to increase the resolution of the textures so that they just look a bit more detailed. Still, they're fine and you really don't notice them after some time.
  • Maps - There are indeed custom maps, but I don't feel enough. Perhaps editing the stock ones would create a bit more variety?
  • Interface & Sounds - Both races use a mix of Romulan, Klingon and Federation voices (or none at all) and whilst their interfaces are generally edited of the Romulans and Klingons, I feel as if they could also be edited a bit more. Again, a quick job on this behalf, as for sounds, again dismissible, but that being said, hearing the mix of voices for the Pangalactic actually seemed to fit quite well, so if this was just made a bit more consistent, I think it would work. As for the Vendeeni, I don't know what to do about that. All this being said, EVERY item in-game has build-buttons and wire-frames, something which a good few mods lack. I did note though that the Vendeeni Nebula weapon station, its build-buttons were not quite fitting, perhaps some quickly made-up ones?

As you can see, the advantages CLEARLY out-number the disadvantages and that's why I can easily see that this is one of the best custom mods out there. It's thoroughly enjoyable to play and at the same time, rather challenging. If it's not for the randomly placed extra-universe fun things (Stargates, 4D being's etc.) it's the enemy that provide a difficult trial. The Ai is very good against you, even on easy, so I dare find out what Ai hard is like as the Pangalactic Federation versus the enemy Ai of the Vendeeni.

The most important part of this mod is that hands-down, it's fun. If you have Armada 1, you'll want to download this and play. As for waiting for patch 1.1, I do hope that comes quickly. I also ask that at some point along the way, an A2 conversion is made, allowing more races (clearly a lot of creative talent here) and just a bit more oomph, not that this is lacking because it is there in abundance. It has a lot of creative thought and originality into it and is definitely playable for a long time to go. 10 out of 10 is reserved for 1.1 coming out, so I'm going to have to give this 9.99 recurring. Fantastic job. If you have Armada 1, download NOW!

[i]A fix for the mod can be found here.

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Download 'star_ocean.exe' (97.62MB)

----Star Ocean: Executioner Assault----

I loved the ships in the Star Ocean Series and hated never getting the chance to use them. So now here is a nifty little crossover mod to accomplish this. To be honest I made a bet with a freind that the Pangalactic Federation could beat the United Federation of Planets and once we fight it out I'll tell you who won.

Anyway, this mod takes 2 new races and takes the place of the Klingons and Romulans. It also revamps the Borg and Federation ships and stations.

---The Story---

The universe is safe from the Executioners and Luther at last. The Pangalactic Federation is trying to regroup after a devestating defeat across the galaxy. The Heroes have gone their seperate ways but destiny doesn't really care.

"I hope we get there soon," said Sophia Esteed to herself, "This headache is getting worse." She failed to notice the faint glow around her hand.

"Warning. Warning. Unknown spacial event detected" chimed the computer voice through the ship. sophia screamed in pain as the rip formed. Her powers were manifesting again. The transport ship was being sucked in. 

On the other side is a new universe. still whole and untouched by Luther. But it's not as untouched as everyone had hoped. 

Contact is made with a small vessel that claims to be from Earth. Then it happens. A monstrous creature appears. Red eyes gleaming. An Executioner.

With a new universe comes the same old problems. With the aid of the Pangalctic Federation hopefully this new dimension can survive the onslaught that has begun across the galaxy...


First I must give a humoungous thanks to all the Modders who's modding came into contact with my mod. Withouth them I would have never been able to finish this mod. 

*Pangalactic Federation*

Some ships are my own Original Design others are inspired from the Star Ocean Series. All Meshes were built by me.

Construction Shuttle - SO3
Freighter - My own design
Cutter/Scout - SO3
Transport Ship - SO3
Diplomatic Flagship -SO3
Calnus Class - SO2
Crosair - SO3 Mention but never seen. (My own design)
Combat Explorer - SO3
Battleship - SO3
Fayt Class Carrier - Never mentioned. All me

Stations are basiaclly all my designs except for the starbase. 

Remote Space Station - SO2
Mining Station - Desined by me
Shipyard - Me
Weapon Research Facility -Me
Ship Research Facility - Me
Phase Cannon Turret - Me
Torpedo Turret - Me
Creation Cannon Turret - Me
Symbological Research Facility - Me
Gravitic Warp Station - Me

*Veendeni Military*

This was a fun race to make. Only one ship is ever seen throughout the entire series. All Meshes built by me.

Construction Ship - Me
Freighter - Me
Erno Class - Me
Baruda Class - Me
Zala Cruiser - Me
Lexar Battleship - Me
Battleship - SO3
Chechcka Carrier - Me
Koren Dreadnought - Me
Nebular Class - Me

Stations were the same. I had to come up with everything on my own.

Starbase - Me
Mining Station - Me
Shipyard - Me
Ship Research Facility - Me
Weapon Research Facility - Me
Disruptor Turret - Me
Torpedo Turret - Me
Sensor Sattelite - Me
Nebular Research Facility - Me
Nebular Construction Facility - Me 


ships have been revamped with ships from other mods.

Construction Ship - Stock
Freighter - stock
Scout/Delta class - Millenium project
Defient class - Alliances
Intrepid class - Millenium Project
Pegasus Class - Kitbash by me. Textured from Alliances.
Akira Class - Alliances
Steamrunner Class - Alliances
Typhon Class - Mesh by Major A Payne. Textured from the Millenium Project.
Galaxy Class - Millenium Project
Nebula Class - Allainces
Sovereign Class - Alliances
Audacious Class - Designed by D Murphy, built by Interstellar Machine
Excalibur Class - Millenium Project

Premonition Class - Used once in a map. Not buildable.
- Original concept and design by Activision.
- Original SFC3 based model and texture set created by Rick "Queball" Powick. Additional credit goes to Azel/Atolm for design sketches with elements used from Executioners high poly version.
- This low poly model created by Major A Payne with original deflector remaining from Queballs SFC3 mesh. Textures used are same from Queballs model.
- Premonition wireframe created and provided by Porty.

Stations are also revamped from other mods.

Starbase - Alliances
Mining Station - Stock
Shipyard - Alliances
Research Facility - Stock
Advanced Research Facility - Stock
Advanced Shipyard - Allainces
Pulse Phaser Turret - Stock
Torpedo Turret - Stock
Sensor Array - Stock
Temporal Reserach Facility - Stock

*Borg Collective*

All the ships got a makeover this time

Assembler - Alliances
Freighter - Alliances
Detector - Millenium Project
Interceptor - Alliances
Sphere - Mesh by me. Texture from Alliances
Assimilator - Alliances
Diamond - Alliances
Cube - Millenium Project(Retextured from Alliances)
Tactical Cube - Millenium project(Retextured from Alliances)
Dreadnought Cube - Alliances

Many of the Stations got a redo

Unimatrix - Milleium Project. Given a different texture form same mod Processing Node - Alliances
Assembly Node - Stock
Research Node - Stock
Technology Node - Stock
Cube Assmbly Matrix - Alliances
Energy Cannon - Allainces
Torpedo Turret - Alliances
Sensor Array - Stock
Transwarp Hub - Mesh by me. Texture from Millenium Project

*4D Beings*

Universal Core - Mesh by me. Textures by me and some are rendered from ingame screen shots
Executioner - Mesh and textures by me. Other textures from Alliances
Proclaimer - Mexh and textures by me.
Convictor - Mesh and textures by me.


I added a number of things for the fun of it. I thought ti would give the game a better interdimensional feel.

-Stargate Stuff-

x303(Prometheus) - Original model and texture set created by Sandman3d for SFC3.
- This low poly mesh recreated by Major A Payne. Texture applied as necessary from the original model.

BC304 Daedalus - - Original mesh and texture set created by Sandman3d for SFC3.
- This low poly complete rebuild done by Major A Payne. Original textures reapplied to new model.

Milkyway Stargate - Original gate mesh and texture set created by WadeV1589 <>
- This low poly mesh recreated by Major A Payne. Texture created from renders of the above model.
- "active.tga" texture file created using rendered image original by Levias (posted as an attachement in thread on SFM)
This model was retextured by me.

Pegasus Stargate - - Original Atlantis stargate mesh created by unknown (possibly Thors). Single image used as reference.
- This low poly mesh recreated by Major A Payne. Texture created from above reference image.
- "active.tga" texture file created using rendered image original by Levias (posted as an attachement in thread on SFM)
This Model was Retextured by me.

Drone Turret - A revamp of the Pfed torpedo turret created by me.

Drone Mesh - Created by me and textured with the Drone pulse weapon textured released my Majestic and Draconis_Sharp.

Drone PUlse Weapon - Released by Majestic and Draconis_Sharp.

-Pirate Stuff-
There are pirate ships in this mod that will appear in a few mission later on. 

Bahamut Class - (High POly mesh)
(C) Mesh by EAS_Intrepid;
(C) Design by Blizzard Entertainment; STARCRAFT

Behemoth - (Low Poly SOD)
(C) Mesh by EAS_Intrepid;
(C) Design by Blizzard Entertainment; STARCRAFT

-Other Star Trek Stuff-

!These are map units only!

D'Deridex (Warbird) - Allainces
- mesh Dawn
- textures cgi renders by Dawn

Kerchan class - Alliances
- Original concept/design by Rick "Hobbes" Snider. Original high poly model and textures by Hobbes.
- Recreation for Bridge Commander as done by Anduril.
- Poly reduction by Major A Payne (no further changes required).

Scimitar class - Alliances
- Mesh Developer: Taldren
- Texture Developer: Taldren

Greaver, D'Voress - Alliances
Wraith Of Achilles

Terix Class Warbird 
Designer: Atolm    
*    -  Model/Mesh Developer: Pepperman/Atolm (Hull mesh from Atolm’s Mogai Hveikhenn class warbird used) 
*    -  Textures:  Pepperman/Atolm.  Baseline for this texture was Atolm’s design image 

!These are just map units!

Nach Gh'rel Class - Alliances
Negh'Var Class - Alliances
MaQ'mIgh Class - Alliances
B'rel Class - Alliances

Because of the fact that i used a number of textures from several places here is a super thanks to.....

The Millenium Project
Sta trek Armada Alliances
The Armada Restoration Project
Major A Payne

Note: I was unsure as to which textures went to which ships and stations so there are a number of textures that are not used. 


Some weapon effects are from Alliances
Some voices are from Armada 2.

-Other Effects-

Blue Shields by draconis_sharp and Elrond
Explosion textures came from Alliances
Weapon effects came from Alliances and several were created by me.

Two suns were replaced with two from the Alliances mod and are also used in a weapon effect.

Included in this mod is a folder containing every readme to give full credit to all those who deserve it. 

A Patch will be released with the missions. I'm still working on learning how to mod them and I didn't want to throw you guys into a heated Executioner battle without at leaset some practice.

This mod is not for the faint of heart. I made the 4d Beings very powerful. Pushing the limits of the game in their weapon making. When the missions are released there will be handicaps cause trying to complete a mission with a full power Executioner is impossible. 


Simply allow the self extractor to extract to a clean copy of Star Trek Armada. 


I do not own Star Trek, Star Ocean, Stargate, or Starcraft.
If you wish to use any part of this mod I would like to be contacted first.If I did not make the part you want to use I will refer you to the person who did.

If anyone has any problems, Questions or Suggestions please email me at:


Good luck....

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