Star Trek: Armada v1.2 Patch

Hi, you have reached one of the biggest armada2 fan sites. You may not be aware, but you can add exciting new things l...


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Hi, you have reached one of the biggest armada2 fan sites.

You may not be aware, but you can add exciting new things like the Prometheus class starship, devestating weapons like the deflector pulse and even total conversions that change all aspects of the game to make it even better!

For new ships and stations click HERE

For total modifications (completely remove all ships and stations that were in armada 2 and add new sides such as the Dominion or Star Wars) click HERE or HERE, or look at our mod centre on the right hand sidebar.

For our forums, where you can meet other fans and the people that made these mods click HERE.

This is the Patch for Star Trek Armada that updates version 1.0 or 1.1 to version 1.2 (The latest version and, as you can tell from the time this was added, heh, the final version). We reccomend all Armada players install this patch if they have not done so already as it increases stability and performence of the game. Here are some changes:

1) Pathing Improved – Ships will have less trouble moving in groups or navigating in areas with lots of objects.

2) Rally Point Improved – Ships will not try to occupy the same location when they exit the shipyards.

3) Strategic AI in Instant Action and Multiplayer has been given better handicaps on medium and hard difficulty. Including sped up build time and reduced cost.

4) In Instant Action/Multiplayer games the AI will now cloak ships if it can; more often on medium, and most of the time on hard.

5) The Chain Reaction Pulsar weapon has been modified so that it will not be able to hit cloaked ships and has been balanced to be less powerful.

6) In standard Multiplayer games each team will begin with a starbase, 2 construction ships, and a scout vessel.

7) Implemented Instant Action save functionality.

8) Improved game stability with issues related to [ESC] key being depressed.

9) Fixed several weapons related crashes.

10) Fixed crash related to Corbromite Reflector and saved games. If the Corbromite Reflector was active prior to saving the game it could cause a crash on loading of the saved game.


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Download 'armada_patch_1_2.exe' (3.69MB)

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