Star Trek: Armada (A1) Discovery beta

this is the first release of the Discovery mod. this mod takes place during the years after Star Trek: Nemesis, and follows the crew of the...


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this is the first release of the Discovery mod. this mod takes place during the years after Star Trek: Nemesis, and follows the crew of the USS Discovery, a Daystrom (Excelsior-II) class vessel. The mod replaces the borg with the remans, who have begun a war on the federation and it's allies. the romulan empire is in ruins, and now the federation and the klingon empire must band together with what is left of the romulans to defeat this threat. This beta gives a fairly good feel of how the mod was intended to be, minus the fact that the remans use mostly borg stations. it is unlikely that this mod will see completion in armada 1, as i have begun a2 modding, but i've had this installer on my hard drive for a while, so i decided to release it. the weapons textures are mostly ported from legacy, so they're pretty good, and they are actually the pride of this mod, i think, in addition to some of the extra new weapons such as the polarized phasers and phasic torpedoes, and a red klingon phaser like in Way of the Warrior. i put a lot into this mod, and i may see it's way through to a2 sometime. if you're looking for a good post-nemesis a1 mod while waiting for future tense, i think i've provided a good option here.

i look forward to releasing something like this for a2! -Phasertech

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Star Trek Armada - Discovery Mod
First Public Release (beta)
by Phasertech of Searing Heat Productions
i thank everyone who downloads this, it is the product of 5 years of mod training, and 
learning the do's and dont's of modding. i really enjoyed making this mod, and i hope you
enjoy playing it!

---Known issues-------------------------------------------------
  - remans look kinda bad, most stations still borg
  - plays correctly on STANDARD TECH ONLY. will work on campaign mode, however, some ships
	will not be buildable
  - new wireframes needed, buildbuttons need to be updated, frames taken off (for klingon 
	buttons), balancing needed (scimitar= :( ), new weapons textures needed, buttons
	needed for allied shipyard and allied ships for feds.
  -Campaign missions still to come!

 - Dawnstar by Redragon and APCMmkII
 - Construction Ships by Ben Maxwell
 - Defiant by 9 of nine
 - USS Dallas (defiant) by usscapital
 - type 11 shuttle by 9 of nine
 - daystrom class (excelsior-b) by dawn
 - Olympic Class by captain moon
 - New Orleans Class by 9 of nine
 - Pelagic Class by phantom, designed by chris edmonds
 - Hydran Ships by challenger
 - Nova class by 9 of nine
 - interceptor class by staurt baldwin and pepperman
 - Galor Class converted from a2 to a1 by Ben Maxwell
 - Advanced Shipyard by Phantom
 - Allied Shipyard (dominion shipyard) by Westworld
 - Starbase by 9 of nine
 - Outpost by captain fingers
 - Shipyard Retexture by UnholyTrinity
 - Chava'Kal Class converted from a2 to a1 by Pepperman
 - Chos'HoH Class (demon claw) by Straxus
 - Chuq'Beh Class BOP converted froma2 to a1 by Ben Maxwell
 - Bird of Prey by 9 of nine
 - K'tinga Class converted from a2 to a1 by Ben Maxwell
 - Klingon Construction Ship by Pepperman
 - Negh'Var Class converted from a2 to a1 by Ben Maxwell
 - Vor'cha Class Retextured by Phoenix
 - Shrike Class by Achilles
 - Terix Class by Atolm and Pepperman
 - Veles Class converted from a2 to a1 by Pepperman
 - Thandor Classby Ben Maxwell and Pepperman
 - Draconyx Class converted from a2 to a1 and modified by Pepperman
 - Romulan Command Center converted from sfc3 (and a2?) and modified by Pepperman
 - Scimitar Class converted from SFC3 by Pepperman
 - Preator Class by Mad Dog and Pepperman
 - Brenn Defense Cruiser by Ben Maxwell
 - Tal Shiar Warbird by Atrahasis and Pepperman
 - Reman Scout (Miradorn Theta) by Ben Maxwell
 - Interceptor (letar) Class by borg124
 - D'Deridex Class Warbird by Dawn
 - Starbase by TGO
 - Advanced Yard by (unknown, no credits given)
-Weapons/other in-game textures
 - Reman Disruptor Cannons by Rake's Weapon Textures
 - Others either by me, Activision, or Mad Doc (from Legacy)

---Special Thanks----------------------------------------------------------------------
Special Thanks to AFC and the modding community there, my modding ambitions are finally
coming true thaks to constant encouragement from you.
Extra Special thanks to Phantom, who is a great guy, and is the greatest modder out there.
kudos to you, my friend!

be ready for the final version of this mod to come out soon, and it's sequel, focussing on
the adventures of the USS Midway several years after the Reman War.

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