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This is the offical Star Trek Armada One Demo! I know its a little late (ok, well, very late, and thats an understatement at best) but the r...


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This is the offical Star Trek Armada One Demo! I know its a little late (ok, well, very late, and thats an understatement at best) but the reason this file is here is to first add completion for the archive, seccondly for those who only have Armada II and want to see what they are missing, and thirdly for.... i cant really think of a third reason. But either way this is the offical demo to the succsessfull Star Trek Armada. Heres a little backlog

The Dominion War is over. The three major powers of the Alpha Quadrant, once allied against a common foe, begin planning for the future. For now, an uncomfortable peace has settled in the galaxy. On Federation planets across the galaxy, the process of recovery has begun. The USS Enterprise E, commanded by Captain Jean Luc Picard, is assigned to re-establish Federation support in some of the more devastated systems of the Quadrant.

On the Klingon homeworld of Qo'nos, the population grows restless for battle. Newly appointed Chancellor Martok works closely with Federation Ambassador Worf on efforts to restore the Empire to its former state of glory. On Romulus, the Romulan Senate and its intelligence division, the Tal Shi'ar, conspire to tip the balance of power in their favor. Admiral Sela begins secret negotiations with unseen allies near the Klingon border (see screen shots).

And on the fringe of explored space, massive, metallic shapes move silently through the area, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Around them are the whispers of millions of minds working as one. The Borg have returned.

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Download 'armada_demo.exe' (73.17MB)

Readme Star Trek: Armada DEMO


Windows 98 requires at least 24 MB of RAM at all times.  If your computer only
has 32 MB of RAM, this doesn't leave enough for Star Trek: Armada to run at 
peak performance regardless of CPU speed or the type of video card.  If you 
only have 32 MB of RAM you may experience some long load times, framerate 
spikes, and long transition times between sim and shell since the game is 
accessing your hard drive more than would otherwise be needed.  To minimize 
these hits to performance, we suggest you make sure nothing else is running 
in the background, and that you play Star Trek: Armada with the graphic 
settings adjusted to the lowest settings.

*** Where do I go for more information?

You may learn more about Star Trek: Armada at: or

*** ESC key may cause the game to minimize, and user will not be able to 
return properly to the game.

Star Trek Armada's unique combination of 3D and 2D technology may cause issues 
when the ESC key is pressed during game play.  Troubles that may occur include 
minimizing, loss of textures or a complete lock-up.  This problem is most 
prevalent if the ESC key is hit during in-game cinematics. The ESC key has 
no functionality in the game and should not be used.

*** If your computer locks during the installation at 100%, contact your 
motherboard manufacture on information on how to upgrade your bios.


In internet multiplayer games, there is a button in the comms menu which is 
called "High Latency".  If you are experiencing periodic pauses of short 
duration while playing the game, you should check this button.  This will 
overcome difficulties faced by players with poor (high latency) internet 
connections.  The game will automatically set this option checked if any of 
the starting players have ping times exceeding 350ms.

For optimal multiplayer experience, follow this rule of thumb:  the more 
players, the higher RAM and CPU requirements are needed.

If a player brings up the options menu during a multiplayer game the game 
will pause.  Only the player that brought the options menu up can un-pause 
the game, but he can be kicked out of the game after 30 seconds.

When creating a multiplayer profile, your password must be at least 6 
characters long.

*** If the mouse cursor is left stationary on some missions with some video 
cards, it may appear to wobble.

You can fix this by switching screen resolutions.

*** Using dual monitors 

- The mouse can sometimes appear lost when it is in fact on the other monitor.
- There are problems with the camera angles in the cineractives in between 
- If you have problems installing the game while using dual monitors, you 
  should disable the monitor and reactivate it after installing the game.

*** Video Card related issues

- TNT and TNT2 Cards: Occasionally when ALT-TAB is used while playing the game, 
  severe graphical anomalies may occur.
- TNT2 Cards: User should us higher graphics detail then the default, otherwise 
  the text may be hard to read.
- TNT2 Cards: Alt-Tab may cause the units in the game to become very dark.
- ATI Rage Pro has been known to cause some graphical anomalies within the game.
- Diamond Viper 770 Ultra does not appear to work with Diamond's drivers. 
  NVIDIA's TNT2 drivers seem to work with this card.
- Users with a combination of a Diamond Fire GL 1000 Pro and a Diamond 
  Monster 2 video cards may experience problems running the game.  Single 
  player campaigns will not launch, but multiplayer in 640x480 or 800x600 
  modes will.
- A conflict exists between Athlon processors and the NVIDIA GeForce video 
  cards.  Known problems include mission instability that may lead to random 
  drops to the desktop after mission and when changing resolutions.  This has 
  been seen on other systems with other processors but drivers released after 
  3/9/00 may fix this problem.

*** Screen Resolution 

- It is recommended that Star Trek:  Armada's game resolution matches your 
  desktop resolution.

*** How can I improve performance?
1. To improve frame rate on low-end machines turn the graphics detail to low 
   and the cinematic window off.  To further enhance performance, lower, or 
   toggle off, the sound options.
2. Close all other programs while playing. 
·Close all other programs that appear on the task bar before playing. 
·Press CTRL-ALT-DEL to pull up a list of programs that are still running 
        at this point (but not on the task bar). 
·Close all unnecessary programs by using the "End Task" button for each. 
·Note: In our experience the only necessary programs are "Explorer" 
        and "Systray." You should however check with the computer manufacturer 
        to insure that their machines do not require other programs to remain 
        active as well.
·3. Set Graphics Acceleration to maximum in your System Control Panel. 
·Go to the Start menu on your taskbar. Select Settings->Control Panel. 
·Double-click the System icon. 
·Click the Performance tab. 
·Click the Graphics button. 
·In the Graphics box, position the Hardware Acceleration slider to Full.
4. If you are using FAT16 file system, you can improve performance by 
   converting to FAT32.

When your drive is in this format, it stores data more efficiently, creating 
up to several hundred MB of extra disk space on the drive. In addition, 
programs load faster and your computer uses fewer system resources.
Windows 98
·You can start Drive Converter by clicking Start, pointing to Programs, 
        pointing to Accessories, pointing to System Tools, and then clicking 
        Drive Converter. 
·Once you convert your hard drive to FAT32 format using Drive Converter, 
        you cannot return to using the FAT16 format unless you repartition and 
        reformat the FAT32 drive. If you converted the drive on which 
        Windows 98 is installed, then you must reinstall Windows 98 after 
        repartitioning the drive. 
·Older disk compression software is not compatible with FAT32. If your 
        drive is already compressed, you may not be able to convert to FAT32. 

Windows 95 OSR2
Unlike Windows 98, Windows 95 OSR2 does not come with a utility to convert a
FAT16 hard drive/partition to FAT32.  In order to do the conversion you must 
us the utility FDISK.EXE.  For more information go to:
CAUTION: All versions of Windows prior to Windows 95 OSR2 will not recognize 
a FAT32 drive.
5. Increasing your system RAM from 32 to 64 MB will increase overall game 

*** The taskbar hides a portion of the game window. Can I fix this?

This can happen if your taskbar is always on top. You can hide the taskbar 
by right-clicking it and selecting Properties. Turn on Auto Hide and turn 
off Always on top. The taskbar will hide when it is not used. To make the 
taskbar reappear, place your mouse in the area where the taskbar once was 
and it will appear.

*** My screen saver operates slowly while the game is running. What can I do?

Because the game makes heavy use of the system resources, screen savers may 
hinder game performance. We highly recommend disabling your screen saver when 
playing the game.

To disable:
- Right click the desktop and select Properties.
- Click the Screen Saver tab.
- Set the Screen Saver pull down menu to None.

*** Why does the game sometimes quit to the desktop?

Occasionally, the game will suddenly quit to the desktop. This may be a result 
of a conflict with the EZDesk desktop utility, which is used to organize icons 
on your desktop. To prevent this, disable EZDesk before playing the game. 
However, should you crash to the desktop, reboot the machine and perform a 
scan disk if necessary.
The game may also suddenly minimize to the taskbar if you are running an 
electronic mail program (e.g. MS Exchange) in the background.
You should run Star Trek: Armada™ as a stand-alone application.

*** Ctrl-Alt-Del locks up my system.

If you use the Ctrl-Alt-Del function, there is a chance that the machine may 
automatically reboot, or you may get a "blue screen crash," which will force 
you to reboot your machine.
Do not use the Ctrl-Alt-Del function to quit the game. Instead, select QUIT 
from the main menu to exit the game.

Star Trek (TM) Armada

The full game contains the following:

Lead four Distinct Races
The Federation, Klingon, Romulan, and Borg.  Each side presents a different
tactical challenge to master as you attempt to conquer your opponents in a
variety of mission types.

Survive 20 Missions
Campaigns are comprised of a variety of tactical, combat, and protective
missions, which advance the overall story - from eerie warnings of the Borg
invasion to the ultimate Picard-Locutus showdown.  Mission Briefings take
place in the game for seamless cinematic integration.

An Immense Fleet at Your Disposal
Build over 30 types of starships, including battleships, cruisers, destroyers,
scout ships, cargo ships, transport ships and construction ships.  Arm your
fleet with a multitude of weapons, from Phasers to Photon Torpedoes, and build
research stations to develop specialized weapons.

Command Solo or Engage Other
Star Trek: Armada offers a variety of single-player missions - from large
battles to small escort details - and an extensive range of story-driven
multiplayer options over LAN and the Internet.

In stores now!

Demo Minimum System Requirements 

The Star Trek: Armada - DEMO require that DirectX 7® or later is installed in
order to play the demo.  Go to http:/ for information
on how to install DirectX.

Hardware Accelerated 3D Mode 
200 MHz Pentium® processor or equivalent 
100% DirectX 7® compliant 3D accelerator card and drivers* 
Software Emulated 3D Mode 
266 MHz Pentium II® processor or equivalent 
Required for both Accelerated and Emulated 3D Modes 
US English language Windows® 95/98 operating system 
32 MB of RAM (64 MB Recommended) 
Disk Space Required:
  73 MB total download
  187 MB of free disk space required after install for game files
  (450 MB of free disk space is required during installation only)
A 100% Windows 95/98 compatible computer system including: 
DirectX 7 (not included) 
100% DirectX 7 compliant true 16 bit sound card and drivers 
100% DirectX 7 compliant 4 MB 2D-capable video card and drivers 
100% Windows 95/98 compatible mouse or trackball and drivers 
100% Windows 95/98 compatible quad speed (600 K/sec sustained transfer rate)
  CD-ROM drive and drivers 

Required for Multiplayer Mode 
Internet play requires a 100% Windows 95/98-compatible 28.8 Kbps (or faster) 
  modem and drivers 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Star Trek: Armada uses Microsoft DirectX® 7 technology, and
  requires that your system have the most updated Windows® 95 or 98-compatible
  drivers for CD-ROM, video card, sound card, and input devices. 

A 100% DirectX 7 or higher compliant 3D video card and driver with z-buffering
  capability is strongly recommended. Star Trek: Armada uses Microsoft's® Direct
  3D® to support 3D hardware acceleration. It has been tested on many, but not
  all of the major cards incorporating the chipsets listed below. Some 3D
  accelerator card brands utilizing the chipsets whose names appear on this
  box may not be fully compatible with the 3D acceleration features utilized
  by Star Trek: Armada. For a list of cards and drivers that have been tested,
  please visit 

Supported Chipsets for Windows 95/98** 
3DFx Voodoo Rush 
3DFx Voodoo 
3DFx Voodoo 2 
3DFx Voodoo 3 
3DFx Banshee 
ATI Rage 128 
Matrox G200 
Matrox G400 
nVidia RIVA TNT 
nVidia RIVA TNT2 
nVidia GeForce 

** Some, but not all of the cards with the chipsets listed above have been
  tested on Windows® 2000. For Windows 2000 3D Support, please refer to your
  hardware manufacturer for 100% Windows 2000 DirectX 7 compliant Direct 3D

K E Y B O A R D   C O M M A N D S

Hot Keys and Grouping Units

Global Keys Function
Control F1 Minimize/ Restore Minimap
Control F2 Minimize/ Restore Ship Display
Control F3 Minimize/ Restore Speed Rail
Control F4 Minimize/ Restore Cinematic Window
Control F5 Minimize/ Restore Button Menu
Control F6 Minimize/ Restore Comm Menu
(Multiplayer Only)
Control F7 Minimize/ Restore Resource Display
Alt F1 - F7 Minimize/ Restore the above
interface elements without autohide
Alt-( Drag interface element)  Move interface element
to desired location
Control - F9 Restores interface to Default
Alt - F9 Restores interface to arrangement
at the beginning of the mission
Enter Chat message box.
Control X Switch to main menu and pause game.
G Grid toggle.
Pause Pause the game.
0- 9 Deselect current units and select
units in the numbered group.
Shift 0- 9 Deselect current units and select
units in the numbered group. AND
Center Screen on current group
Control 0- 9# Bind a unit to a group, one unit can
be bound to more than one group.

Alt 0- 9# Bind a unit to a group, removes
units from other groups that it is
currently bound to.
E Select All on Screen
N Select next unit (Red Alert)
Control - M Objectives Box toggle
Control - Alt- Z Save screenshot.
Shift 0- 9 Will center on the selected group
Control Holding control down when you
have a group of ships selected
makes all the ships move at the
speed of the slowest ship.

Camera Key Function
Arrow Pad Scroll camera.
H Center on Primary Starbase
(i. e. first one)
Keypad / and * Rotate camera around the point
of focus.
Keypad + and - Control zoom level of the camera.
Space Toggle between last game message
position and current position of
Z Switch between Strategic Play and
Cinematic Play
Space Change camera position in Cinematic
Alt - left Click Changes the focus in Cinematic Mode

Unit Selected Function
A Attack
S Stop
M Move
O Orders
R Repair and Recrew
B Build
T Transport
Tab Hold while left clicking locations
to set a path composed of way
points, then release to finish the path.
D Harvest Dilithium
F1- F6 Special Weapon 1- 6
Shift- S Stand Down
F- 5 Cloak

Building Selected Function
A Attack
B Build (including pods)
T Transport
O Orders
R Recrew
S Stop
Shift- T Special Transport
P Set Rally Point
U Officer Upgrade (Starbase only)

Order Screen Function
Shift- G Green Alert
Shift- Y Yellow Alert
Shift- R Red Alert
U Guard
Shift- S Stand Down
P Patrol
R Repair
S Scout
D Search and Destroy
Shift- D Decommission
B Back

Starbase and Function
Nexus Build Screen
C Construction Ship (Assembler)
F Dilithium Freighter (Collector)
Shift- C Cancel
B Back

Shipyard Build
Screen Selected Function
V Venture- class Scout
D Defiant- class Destroyer
S Steamrunner- class Torpedo
A Akira- class Phaser Cruiser
B Back
Shift- C Cancel

Borg Assembly
Matrix Build
Screen Selected Function
D Detector
I Interceptor
A Assimilator
S Sphere
B Back
Shift- C Cancel

Federation Advanced
Shipyard Build
Screen Selected Function
S Sovereign- class Battleship
B Back
Shift- C Cancel

Borg Advanced Assembly
Matrix Build
Screen SelectedFunction
C Cube
B Back
Shift- CCancel

Federation Research
Facility Build
Screen Selected Function
A Anti- matter Mines
C Chain Reaction Pulsar
O Engine Overload
R Corbomite Reflector
D Tachyon Grid
B Back
Shift- C Cancel

Borg Modification
Center Build
Screen Selected Function
W Transwarp Drive
L Holding Beam
R Regeneration
A Auto- Assimilating Bore
D Tachyon Detection Grid
B Back
Shift- C Cancel

Federation Construction
Ship Build
Screen Selected Function
S Starbase
D Dilithium Mining Station
Y Shipyard
V Advanced Shipyard
R Research Facility
P Pulse Cannon
U Torpedo Turret
M Temporal Research Facility
A Sensor Array
B Back
Shift- C Cancel

Ship Build
Screen Selected Function
S Nexus
D Processing Node
Y Assembly Matrix
V Advanced Assembly Matrix
R Modification Center
P Energy Cannon
U Torpedo Turret
W Transwarp Gate
A Detection Array
B Back
Shift- C Cancel

TM, ® & ©  2000 Paramount Pictures, Inc.  All right reserved.  Star Trek and 
related marks are trademarks of Paramount Pictures.  © 2000 Activision, Inc. 
All rights reserved. Activision is a registered trademark of Activision, Inc. 
Uses Bink Video. Copyright © 1997-1999 by RAD Game Tools, Inc. The ratings 
icon is a trademark of the Interactive Digital Software Association. All 
other trademarks and trade names are the properties of their respective owners.

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