ArmA: Combat Operations

This military shooter with a focus on realism takes place on the fictional Atlantic island of Sahrani, divided by a communist regime in the north and a democratic monarchy in the south. When US forces...

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Project 85 Vilas 86KB 40
Project 85 part4 Vilas 107.66MB 50
Project 85 part3 Vilas 180.05MB 37
p85 part2 Vilas 272.44MB 79
Project 85 Vilas 190.51MB 50
NIX - Fictional US SF Nixo 7.11MB 63
M60A3 _Blackbird 4.77MB 137
NIX - RACS IAA Units Nixo 8.44MB 48
EnGraphosBodyArmor engraphos 497KB 32
VZ58 CalypsoTheArmAModder 1.6MB 60
A.C.E. Advanced Combat Environment A.C.E Development Team 633.74MB 1025
ArmA Beta Patch 1.15 Bohemia Interactive 49.75MB 261
god mod by engraphos engraphos 351KB 197
Russian Federation Units Cameron McDonald 63.74MB 895
FIA Resistance Troops Rellikki 9.41MB 153
Modern Nogova Army Plasman 48.57MB 409
Chechnya War Mod Chechenya War Mod Team 62.37MB 1344
Final Liberation Mathias_Eichinger 315KB 632
Armed Assault v1.08 to v1.12 BETA Patch Bohemia Interactive 38.25MB 549
Post Apocalypse: Awake Trailer ArmAVidz 70.14MB 265
ArmA Weapon Sounds hamis22 13.16MB 812
Counterstrike Suraci 1.82MB 623
Armed Assault 1.09 Beta Patch Bohemia Interactive 22.12MB 2633
ACU Staff Retexture Cameron McDonald 7.29MB 291
ArmA International Patch 1.05 - 1.08 Bohemia Interactive 564.65MB 7239
Armed Assault Demo Bohemia Interactive 864.17MB 6043
Debug Console for Armed Assault str 5KB 570
SCM I.E.D. -Improvised Explosive Device Addon Scratch Modworks 231KB 795
EOD IEDs and UXOs Hornet85 195KB 816
3rd Infantry Division Desert Units Clavicula_nox4817 37.87MB 774
HK G11 Tiger 1.9MB 1376
NATO Symbols Pack 2 Guest 580KB 637
NATO Symbols Pack 1 Guest 223KB 673
VBS/OFP Style Markers Guest 58KB 375
3D Markers Guest 9KB 387
Warsaw Pact Symbols & Markers Guest 71KB 407
Steyr Aug A1 by Tiger Tiger 694KB 1071
ArmA SWAT units Guest 6.46MB 2076
UK weapons Guest 7.71MB 1654
Civilans by Mongoose_84 Mongoose_84 4KB 1018
ArmA Face Pack BloodOmen 39.64MB 3822
35th Signal Brigade Guest 48.14MB 468
NIM Dynamic Weather Guest 2.92MB 1319
SLA Be-32k GranQ 2.17MB 2356
Resistance Handguns GranQ 2.57MB 940
Alouette 2 Helicopter GranQ 5.94MB 1721
Greek 71st Airborne Brigade Units Guest 2.36MB 579
Greek Special Operations Units Guest 2.86MB 607
Greek Airforce Airfield Security Units Guest 2.74MB 481
USMC MARPAT Units Guest 49.21MB 1290
Title Posted By Posted On
WORLD WAR 3 Guest 18th December 2008
Cold War Rearmed: Update Guest 15th October 2008
ArmA Gold Ronnie 20th February 2008
News compilation! A MUST read! Guest 28th September 2007
Winner Announced for ArmA: Queen’s Gambit Packshot Competition Guest 5th September 2007
ArmA 2 Announced Guest 23rd August 2007
ArmA Tournament Starting Guest 30th July 2007
Xtreme ArmA Mod v1.3 Guest 30th July 2007
Packshot Design Competition For ArmA: Queen’s Gambit Guest 14th July 2007
ArmA: Queen’s Gambit , the new expansion pack. Guest 20th June 2007