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The Lost World Mod has released some screenshots of their work, and blimey is it impressive. Suits the ArmA terrain quite well too. [quote]As you are fully aware there has been a Jurassic park themed mod around ofp and she managed to release a beta. This was a stepping stone to really see if it was "possible" to have such a theme. Some might be thinking "this is a combat simulator" and all the other malarkey you get, but thanks to the huge diversity and freedom we all have we can pick and choose what we want to do. Moving on, the old team from the JP mod for ofp is almost dead, only myself and Dracula still remain, and with that, we are working on our real project, the one thats always been about for the next gen engine due to its perfect engine, animal class, bump maps, Maya support. Now obviously we don't have a huge amount to show, as the tools are still unavailable but we have managed to get a few dinosaurs into the game engine to just really get a idea for the look. And i must say its going to look very tasty We have managed to acquire 3rd party help and our animations will be done by a professional cgi animator, as well as other things.[/quote]
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