ArmA II: Combined Operations

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All Files In ArmA II: Combined Operations Weapons
Weapons Resistance Handguns

GranQ has took the hand guns out of Operatuon Flashpoint Resistance and imported them into Armed Assault. Kudos to him for managing to impor...


Weapons UK weapons

Just as the title says , it is a pack of weapons used by the United Kingdom's Armed Forces. Enjoy.


Weapons Steyr Aug A1 by Tiger

Alrighty , here today we have for you th Steyr Aug A1. I am sure most of you know about the weapon since it's used by a few places: Austria...


Weapons HK G11

Tiger has released another weapon for Armed Assault. It is a HK G11 rifle which has new sounds, visor model, glass and crosshair textures.


Weapons VZ58

Here we have the SA Vz.58 assault rifle , now before you say it's an AK-47 / 74, it's not. Internally the guns are completely different howe...