Armed Assault Demo

arma_demo_us_march07.rar —



ArmA is a first person tactical military shooter with large elements of realism and simulation spread over large areas with fully simulated environment and modern military vehicles and equipment.

This is a demo version of ArmA and it covers only small part of the full game. These features include:

Smaller version of the main island Southern Sahrani referred to as SaraLite Selected units, vehicles and weapons. 3 Single player missions D01: Sanitizing Operation D02: Helicopter Training D03: Commanding Limited Mission Wizard D01: Basic (One simplistic editing scenario wizard, accessible from Single Missions -> My Missions) 3 multi player missions Cooperative (1-8 players) Capture the Flag (1-16 players) Capture the Island (1-60 players)

The download size is approximately 875MB. Install size is approximately 1.45GB.


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