Bundeswehr Flecktarn & Tropentarn

Bionic has recently released the final version of his Bundeswher Army units. Despite not having the official mod tools available to them the...

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File Description

Bionic has recently released the final version of his Bundeswher Army units. Despite not having the official mod tools available to them they have managed to give them G36's and MP5's as standard weapons, not to mention the fact that the camoflauge is top notch.

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Re-Upload Request Restoration

BW Units v1.03
This is our first release for ArmA we are no MOD like BWMOD or CLSA etc. but some guys who sticked their heads togehter
to get the job done. If you think you are able to improve this Addon feel to get in contact with us on the BIS Forum.

This is at the moment the Final Version of our Addon. Both Untis are included in this Pack the Flecktarn and 

Current Team:
ViconX		-textures
Mr.Burns	-made it standalone and first config
Deadeye		-config improvement, added G36 and MP5 as standard rifle/SMG

The VX_FleckcaWod.pbo and VX_FleckcaDes.pbo should be placed in your ArmA\Addons folder.


CLASS NAMES for VX_FleckcaWod.pbo:

Display Names :                         class Names :

BW Rifleman                               = BW_SoldierWB

BW Grenadier                              = BW_SoldierWG

BW Medic                                  = BW_SoldierWMedic

BW Automatic Rifleman (M249)              = BW_SoldierWAR

BW Machinegunner                          = BW_SoldierWMG

BW AT                                     = BW_SoldierWAT

BW AA                                     = BW_SoldierWAA

BW Sniper                                 = BW_SoldierWSniper

BW KSK (MP5)                              = BW_SoldierWSaboteurPipe

BW KSK2 (MP5)                             = BW_SoldierWSaboteurPipe2

BW Recon Soldier                          = BW_SoldierWSaboteurRecon

BW Assault Soldier                        = BW_SoldierWSaboteurAssault

BW Marksman                               = BW_SoldierWSaboteurMarksman 
BW Engineer                               = BW_SoldierWMiner

BW Squad Leader                           = BW_SquadLeaderW

BW Team Leader                            = BW_TeamLeaderW

BW Officer                                = BW_OfficerW

BW Pilot                                  = SoldierWPilot

BW Crew                                   = BW_SoldierWCrew


CLASS NAMES VX_FleckcaDes.pbo:

Display Names :                         class Names :

BW Rifleman                               = BWDes_SoldierWB

BW Grenadier                              = BWDes_SoldierWG

BW Medic                                  = BWDes_SoldierWMedic

BW Automatic Rifleman (M249)              = BWDes_SoldierWAR

BW Machinegunner                          = BWDes_SoldierWMG

BW AT                                     = BWDes_SoldierWAT

BW AA                                     = BWDes_SoldierWAA

BW Sniper                                 = BWDes_SoldierWSniper

BW KSK (MP5)                              = BWDes_SoldierWSaboteurPipe

BW KSK2 (MP5)                             = BWDes_SoldierWSaboteurPipe2

BW Recon Soldier                          = BWDes_SoldierWSaboteurRecon

BW Assault Soldier                        = BWDes_SoldierWSaboteurAssault

BW Marksman                               = BWDes_SoldierWSaboteurMarksman 
BW Engineer                               = BWDes_SoldierWMiner

BW Squad Leader                           = BWDes_SquadLeaderW

BW Team Leader                            = BWDes_TeamLeaderW

BW Officer                                = BWDes_OfficerW

BW Pilot                                  = SoldierWPilot

BW Crew                                   = BWDes_SoldierWCrew


Have fun!!!

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