Modern Nogova Army

Here is a very nice looking unit addon submitted by Dantheman and created by Plasman. Enjoy.


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Here is a very nice looking unit addon submitted by Dantheman and created by Plasman. Enjoy.

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Modern Nogova Army - Dryland Cammo

Modern Nogovan troopers in NogPat BDU (a fictional pixelized disruptive camouflage pattern loosely inspired by Brad Turner's work). 

(Fictional) Background:
In 2005 Australia considered for a moment replacing the Auscam pattern with a pixelized one. Brad Turner, a gifted camouflage designer, submitted his 037/2005 digital camouflage pattern as a competitor. 

The Aussies eventually decided to keep their current "Bunnies and hearts" Disruptive Pattern Camouflage. However, Turner's attempt did not got unnoticed and he was contacted by Nogovan Army officials who were looking for a new camouflage pattern to replace the old Resistance era uniforms. 

Now a fully fledged member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Nogova is required to participate to the NATO Response Force as member of the newly created NATO Joint Task Force East. Thanks to American funding the small Baltic island has been able to reorganize its armed forces along western standards. 

Nogovan soldiers discarded their Eastern style uniforms and combat webbings while (except for the Special Forces) keeping their Russian made weapons, for obvious logistical reasons (still having entire stockpiles of Russian arms and ammunitions left by the renegade Soviets when they were expelled from the island). 

After several months of trials under a wide variety of environments (including a trip to the island of Rahmadi) a variation of the 037/2005 digital camouflage pattern was adopted and renamed NogPat, the Nogovan Government having bought the license from Turner. Delivery to combat units started in early 2007 and are continuing. 

Just unzip the Nogova_Army.pbo file into ArmA's Addons folder. 

Included .pbo files:


Nogovan Rifleman, armed with Ak74. 
Nogovan Special Forces Saboteur, armed with M41AIM. 
Nogovan Officer (in Urban NogPat), armed with AKS74U. 
Nogovan Sniper, armed with SVD. 
Nogovan Squad Auto Rifleman, armed with PK. 
Nogovan Medic, armed with AK74. 
Nogovan AT soldier, armed with RPG7 and AK74. 
Nogovan Grenadier, armed with AK74GL. 
Nogovan AA Soldier, armed with Strella and AKS74U. 
Nogovan Squad Leader, armed with AKS74PSO. 

- 2 soldiers (pilot and crewman)
- 2 vehicles (BRDM and BMP-2
- 1 aircraft (MH-6)
- Uniform change: Flackvests' MOLLE loops uncamouflaged.

- This addon is not an official BIS addon and is distributed without any warranty, so use it (in whole or in part) entirely at your own risk.

- This addon is a freeware and shall not be distributed/used (in whole or in part) for any commercial purpose.

- This addon may only be re-distributed in its entirety, complete with this "ReadMe" .pdf document.

- I' m not an employee nor in any way affiliated to Brad Turner's company. This freeware is not intended to be a challenge to Brad Turner's copyright over his camouflage patterns.

- This freeware is not intended to be an advertising for Brad Turner's products.

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