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The talented Northern Ireland mod team have imported their impressive dynamic weather addon into ArmA. This small addon can bring more relis...


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The talented Northern Ireland mod team have imported their impressive dynamic weather addon into ArmA. This small addon can bring more relistic and dynamic weather effects into your missions and campaigns. It is very simple to use - all you have to do is place a game logic in your mission/campaign via the mission editor and your good to go. A must have addon.

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Download 'nim_weather1.7.rar' (2.92MB)

|   __     _    _       __      __    ______    ____    |
| #|  \  #| | #| |    #|  \   #/  | #|  __  | #|  _ \   |
| #|   \ #| | #| |    #|   \ #/   | #| | #| | #| |#\ \  |
| #| |\ \#| | #| |    #| |\ \/ /| | #| | #| | #| | #\ \ |
| #| |#\ \| | #| |    #| |#\  /#| | #| | #| | #| | #/ / |
| #| | #\   | #| |    #| | #\/ #| | #| |##| | #| |#/ /  |
| #|_|  #\__| #|_|    #|_|  #  #|_| #|______| #|____/   |
| ###    ###  ###     ###      ###  ########  ######    |
|                                                       |

|             Dynamic Weather System V-1.7 (updated) |          
|                    by Sentinel                     |
|                                                    |
|                |
|           HUGE THANKYOU TO Deanosbeano and         |
|                       AI Simmons                   |
|                                                    |
|               For their work to make it            |
|                                                    |
|                 compatible for Arm A               |
|                                                    |
|                                                    |

Developed for the "Northern Ireland Mod" (C) (NI MOD)



### Infomation ###

The purpose of this addon is to bring a more life like weather
system to Arm A. It also enhances the payers surroundings and makes the user
feel more immersed with the natural environment. The user
will be able to select a variation of game logics which
allow the weather systems to be activated. More detailed 
information is followed.

### Index ###

1. Installation
2. How to select and use the Dynamic Weather
3. Features
4. Further development
5. Credits
6. Contact


1.) # Installation

Extract the "NIM_Weather.pbo" file into your addons folder
located in your root directory.


2.) # How to select and use the Dynamic Weather

Dynamic Weather is very simple to use and include in your missions.
Simply place a desired game logic or logics anywhere in your
mission editor screen.Once you have your logic/s down, preview
the mission and you should see a instant result.

You'll find  the game logics under your unit selection.

class (Units -> Game Logic ->). There are six classes

1.) NIM Dynamic Seasons
2.) NIM Dynamic Weather
3.) NIM Pre Set Weather
4.) NIM Forest Leaves
5.) NIM FOrecasted Weather
6.) NIM Desert & Sand Effects


3.) # Features

Here you shall find a list of features you can expect to see
in the Dynamic weather system addon.

The Dynamic Weather has also been developed to support
multiplayer environments. During Multiplayer the user may
find small different variations from the single player logics.

The Lightning  effects are synchronized as are the weather
changes and fog and snowing effects.

3.A) # List of effects

 - Dynamically created clouds
 - Weather changes
 - New Thunder effects
 - New Lightning effects
 - Particle created fog
 - Particle snowing
 - Blizzards
 - Rainbow after raining
 - Forecastable weather
 - Mist on low ground height (near water, below 40m from sea level)
 - Desert storms
 - Desert wind effect

Most features come in random and static shapes.

3.B) # Dynamic Seasons

There's four pre-defined  random weather types typical
to the four season. Climate  type  is a  mixed  Central
European and Scandinavian climate. 

The Seasonal weather has random features with fog, snow, weather and
clouds. Everything is dynamic.

These are also stand alone logics, so any other logics types
of logics from  this  pack is not recommended to be  used  with
Dynamic Season logic.Its advised that the user dose not mix Season logics together.

3.C) # Dynamic Weather

Dynamic weather is concentrated on clouds and weather.
They do not include fog or snowing  effects.The
logics enable full scale random weather effects varying from a
sunny day with white fluffy clouds, to a severe thunderstorm.

3.D) # Pre-Set Weather

Pre-Set Weather is a system that allows instant results,it enables the user 
to use fog, mist and snow effects and also use pre set weather conditions and 
cloud formations. Feel free to Choose the best suitable effect/s for your mission 

3.E) # Forest Leaves

This  is a simple  visual  effect  designed for autumn
based themes.The Logic creates a simulation of falling leaves in
a certain radios,the radios area showed at the end of the logic names.
There are two sizes provided.

1.) 50m x 50m (small radios area)
2.) 150m x 150m (large radios area)

Place the logics in correspond to the area you wish to see expressed.
The logics are designed to use in forest type environments, as the logics
create random falling leafs, so it is advised you put the logics near enough
foliage to get the desired effect.

The user can also place multiple logics to acquire a heavy simulation
of leafs falling during a blustery day.

3.F) # Forecasted Weather

Version 1.5 enables to forecast weather. This is a bit complex method
done with additional command usually in init.sqs script. 

To enable forecasted weather you need the appropriate logic from
NIM Forecasted Weather. For snow, you need the snow logic and so on.
You also need to add a line in init.sqs file (any initialization field
works also, so does triggers and waypoints for use in certain event).

The basic format for the code line is following:

[[<type1>,<time1>],[<type2>,<time2>]] exec &quot;\NIM_Weather\NIM_Forecast<effect>.sqs&quot;

<type1> and <type2> are either type definitions or density definitions. If you
use clouds and general weather, they are numbers from 0 to 4, 0 being clear and 4
being thunder. In snow and fog the type is number from 0 to 5 meaning the density
of effect (0 being no fog). <time1> and <time2> are the time in minutes since the
mission start for the desired effect to take place. <effect> is the effect you want
to use. Options are &quot;Clouds&quot;, &quot;Fog&quot; and &quot;Snow&quot;

As example, if you want to change weather in 10 minutes to thunder and after 30 minutes
to clear again, you do following actions:

1) place forecast logic (NIM Forecasted Weather -> Clouds & Weather)
2) add following codeline in init.sqs file or in any initialization field:
[[4,10],[0,30]] exec &quot;\NIM_Weather\NIM_ForecastClouds.sqs&quot;

Nothing more is needed. Unlimited amount of changes in supported.

3.G) # Desert & Sand effects

For request sand storm effect is added. This isn't actually very good effect
but adds the feature in the pack. Still, if you prefer some other script for
sand effects, feel free to use it instead.


4.) # Further development

This is  public beta version and does not represent the final version.
We have many ideas in the pipeline that are not included in this public release, but 
we have allowed enough variations of weather types to cover most mission scenarios. 
Also With community being active we can make and adapt ideas that people wish to see in a future pack.

We intend to keep early versions compatible with new future
updated versions. So feel free to use  this system in new
and  already existing  missions.The Team has extensively tested the weather to try and iron out all the bugs
but there of course will be some, so please if you have come across any please visit our forums to let us know
or to check for updates.

**** ( **** site old and obsolete


5.) # Credits

1.) Dynamic Weather Created by Sentinel (Scripter-nimod).

2.) Deanosbeano and AI Simmons for porting it over to Arm a. ( A HUGE THANKYOU)

3.) Models by Smiley and Hornet85.

4.) Paddy for some scripting problems (Scripter-nimod).

5.) Fog script resource from MI_Fred (VTE Mod).

6.) Snow script resource from Kegetys (FDF Mod).

7.) Thanks to the &quot;23rd Ground Division&quot; and the &quot;22nd regiment&quot; squads for helping test the weather.

8.) BIS for providing Operation Flashpoint/ Arm A.

9.) The support from our fans and the on going addon and mod creations from the community.

Created for the &quot;Northern Ireland MOD&quot; 

&quot;All rights reserved&quot;. (C) &quot;NIMOD&quot;


6.) # Contact

Contact sentinel? - (

Want more information? -(


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