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ArmA II: Combined Operations Update for the ArmA Demo

A new exe has been released for the ArmA demo, this allows the exe to be run with the -server command line so that dedicated servers can be set up for the demo, this should increase performance and stability, download it from this FTP (offical BI site): Download Note: If you are NOT setting...


ArmA II: Combined Operations 505 Games Website Updated!

The Western European publisher of ArmA, 505 Gamestreet has now updated their website to feature Armed Assault. ArmA: The ultimate realistic combat simulation experience is brought to you by the creators of Operation Flashpoint. ArmA recharges in a new engine with additional fresh, modern time...


ArmA II: Combined Operations ArmA Demo for the 21st December

File Planet has announced that an ArmA demo will be available for download, suscribers only on the 21st December!


ArmA II: Combined Operations Armed Assault Important Info

Firstly, it has been announced that Morphicon, the German ArmA publisher will be using SecuROM as copyprotection, not starforce. Taken from SecuROM's website: SecuROM™ – two strong components create one powerful solution The SecuROM™ copy protection solution consists of two m...


ArmA II: Combined Operations More game videos.

Alright, our friends over at ArmA zone have posted quite a few videos of the up coming game for you guys to take a look at. Simply go to their page and download and enjoy.


ArmA II: Combined Operations 6 New Armed Assault Screenshots!

I'm speechless now. BIS just updated their Armed Assault page with 6 new screenshots and holy hell man they are the best I've seen so far. BIS's Armed Assault Page


ArmA II: Combined Operations William Porter's Blog Updated!

This entry is about William and friends playing soccer with the locals. Goto his blog to read the whole thing!


ArmA II: Combined Operations Armed Assault Screenshot Updates

More sexy Armed Assault screenshots has been released!!! Check em all out in the Armed Assault screenshots page. Armed Assault Screenshots