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ArmA II: Combined Operations Armed Assault Screenshots Page Updated

I have added over one hundred screenshots the the Armed Assault screenshots page. You can see the massive improvments BIS has made since the first screenshots. View them by click here or on the left menu under Armed Assault. Screenshot Page


ArmA II: Combined Operations Still in need of staff!

As many of you know the site has been slowing down quite a bit lately. If it had not been for Jamie and Reven I don't believe the site would have anything on it as of right now. So we are still in need of some staff members around here. If you would like to apply or ask some questions about what you...


ArmA II: Combined Operations 4 New Screenshots

We've got 4 new screenshots for you today. The shots are good quality and show you how much detail this game has. You can check them all out below and more at our screenshot page.


ArmA II: Combined Operations Staff Needed!

OFPFiles is currently looking for some new dedicated staff! Operation Flash Point is an awesome game which has been released for sometime. I've made a list below of what we need. I would like only dedicated and hard working people to apply that have a love for the game. Anyway, heres the details:...