Atlantica Online - Khun Phaen Teaser Trailer

Atlantica Khun Phaen Video.mov


This damage-dealing warlord hails from Thailand, where he entered monkhood at an early age and developed an interest in militaristic skills and Lighting Magic. Because of his skills, Khun Phaen wields a deadly combination of sword and Guardian Stones. Khun Phaen is equipped with a thunder orb that allows him to execute skills such as Thunderbolt Slash, Rally and Demoralize. Thunderbolt Slash permeates the warlords sword with the elemental power of lightning, dealing heavy damage to opponents. Rally, the warlords thunderous call, increases the main characters stats by restoring MP during each turn. The Demoralize skill disables an opponents magic attacks for a turn by intimidating an enemy or boss.


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