LotR: The Battle for Middle-earth

Experience Middle-earth like never before in The Lord of the Rings’, The Battle for Middle-earth’, the first The Lord of the Rings game that puts you in command of a real-time, open world. Control the...

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Elvenstar Mod Guest 56.9MB 32077
Battle for Middle-earth Patch English EA 25.9MB 22113
English 1.02 Patch EA 31.88MB 21960
The Elvenstar Mod Guest 66.82MB 14246
Helms Deep massive scale Guest 658KB 14010
Elvenstar mod Guest 3.84MB 12939
Dean Krause Map pack Dean Krause 5.96MB 11291
The War Of Wars Makaveli1001 4.61MB 10914
Minas Tirith Lehmann 405KB 10608
Rhodazz Map Pack Guest 59.33MB 10207
Elvenstar Mod Guest 4.1MB 8780
The great battle - Good Guest 682KB 8204
helms deep massive scale Guest 658KB 8086
The Wars for Middle Earth Guest 4.99MB 7271
The Last Alliance of Elves and Men Guest 253KB 6390
The First Age Mod Guest 2.21MB 6355
Helms Deep Sharkbate 435KB 6339
Siege Battlefield Mappack Guest 2.42MB 5699
The War Of Wars Makaveli1001 1.29MB 5694
Chaoserver Mappack Chaoserver 2.25MB 5438
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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Defence Of Gondor Markfirez 148KB 66
BodiesStaymod mendel7 2.53MB 105
Map Pack By hrsto hristo2404 8.44MB 278
Castle Warz!!!! Markfirez 181KB 218
Lone Wolf Mod Public Beta Radspakr 264.64MB 492
SuM Hero Arena Buccane 184KB 274
Land of Battle_SuM Buccane 744KB 128
Tank Fun War Buccane 300KB 82
A Long Walk Guest 338KB 237
Good saves (easy difficulty) Smonocco 2.54MB 433
Battle in Moria Melkor1282 1.53MB 1760
Simple Mod argalos 1.24MB 282
BfME_GoodSaves_Medium VPR 2.5MB 543
Minas Tirith Remake 6 Player Buccane 397KB 4092
MansLand Buccane 200KB 1053
Belgarions Mod Belgarion_enternal 1.55MB 394
Mighty Battle aelvenwarrior 326KB 365
EA BFME1 Map Pack EA 1.92MB 3685
BFME PatchSwitcher Rimli 34.54MB 686
Ea In Peril Elendil711 796KB 715
Level Increase Mod DeadmaN 1.09MB 1248
BFME Movie Disabler Mako 15KB 380
Minas Morgul Matt & GothmogtheOrc 5.81MB 834
BFME Custom Edition Digz 3.22MB 642
BFME1 Custom Edition Digz 2.49MB 529
Seemans Deep seemann 87KB 896
Rangers Game For Skirmish Zephyrus 153KB 1020
Scouring of the Shire Beta Lauri 13.56MB 1127
The Elven Alliance Beta 2 Celeglin 85.44MB 2922
Rise of Rome Atomic Wiener Dog/Kelso 56.99MB 779
Lake View Rider of Rohan 186KB 162
The Elven Alliance Beta Celeglin 73.16MB 2173
Pinch Point Megawars NeOkNiGhT 224KB 326
Battle of Rivendel wakingstick 1.22MB 1320
Mountain Road Saramire 88KB 237
Siege For Noldor Saramire 114KB 416
The Hill Wars Saramire 124KB 230
The Ancient Elven City Saramire 65KB 510
The Battle For The Great Desert MOUSER 54KB 352
Mist Mountains TheLordOfOneRing 378KB 189
Replay: Sou1 v moose gondor v rohan Guest 68KB 621
The Unnamed City KingoftheValar 232KB 441
Ridge Wars Guest 241KB 210
The hidden Pass Guest 410KB 290
Battle for the village 15 Guest 48KB 440
Circus Maximus Fingolfin 203KB 463
Skirmish Map wraithen 42KB 319
Accurate/Fast Paced Mod elfwithsword 1.06MB 1212
Slaughter Buccane 436KB 206
Valley Keep Seige Xnode 318KB 386