LotR: The Battle for Middle-earth II

The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth II, the sequel to The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth, follows the lesser known story of the War of the North, which took place at the...

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Age of the Firstborn Elrond99 20.14MB 66
ROTWK CAH All Factions NuLL2 2.94MB 37
RJ RotWK robnkarla 287.06MB 781
RC Mod Updater Ridder Geel 135.94MB 143
RC Mod Early Basic Version Ridder Geel 118.15MB 84
Unstoppable Create-A-Hero mod(V2) SkinnedDogThing32 2.4MB 125
Unstoppable Create-A-Hero mod SkinnedDogThing32 2.4MB 83
Ultimate Alliance RGInquisitor 19KB 264
5 Custom Heros Defend The City Of The Numenor krapyl 60KB 153
Battle of the Five Armies Corey Foster 21KB 91
RotWK - Defend the City of Abargleb GreatElvenKing 205KB 94
Unofficial RotWK 2.02c Balance Patch Gamereplays.org 4.72MB 255
BT2DC BFME2 Unofficial Balance Patch Gamereplays.org 6.47MB 154
RotWK Replay -(Digz) Isen+(Gerimino) Gobs v Men + Elves Digz 15KB 27
RotWK Replay -(Digz) Isen+(Gerimino) Gobs v Isen+Mordor Digz 29KB 15
RotWK Replay -(Digz) Dwarves+(Gerimino) Angmar v Men + Ang Digz 56KB 29
RotWK Replay - (Digz) Dwarves v Angmar Quick Match Digz 20KB 23
RotWK- Defend the Remains of Abargleb GreatElvenKing 183KB 383
Hero PvP Fight`s Buccane 212KB 243
Middle Ground Captain_D 924KB 485
Argonath's battle circle Divine_Vilmar1994 4.95MB 111
2v2 Hero Duel - The Forgotten Woods (by VilmarFCB) Divine_Vilmar1994 32KB 129
Minas Tirith Large Edition vonfrank 1.08MB 3024
Gladiator Servants of Darkness JBV3737 293KB 331
Custom Heroes The Deadly Wilderness malerkoh 329KB 341
101 The Movie Map Guest 676KB 688
Custom Heroes Defend The Forbidden Gardens malerkoh 27KB 297
Moria Defenders vs Waves of Everything Guest 15KB 391
RC MOD Lurtz101 33.55MB 404
Battle of the Five Armies Corey Foster 5KB 434
Icebay of Forochel mossheden 83KB 346
Andrast mossheden 212KB 247
Ghalandun Matthew Luckow 378KB 394
Defend Your Homes! Lurtz101 157KB 364
1v1 map erudnerae 60KB 341
Many Meetings Arthuil 892KB 262
Bfme2 Redone Ini Mod Smartdude1401 3.35MB 276
Jungle Island Pre Trailer 640x480 Smartdude1401 13.68MB 109
Custom Heroes Hell Unleashed SupremeGeorge 188KB 372
4 Heroes Wynt3r 21KB 405
New Moria Adro 224KB 502
No Artillery Mod BFME2 TheDark12 2.51MB 525
Duck Lake thorongil 326KB 184
Helms Deep Wallpaper kaik19494 1.37MB 285
Through the West thorongil 540KB 232
Journy Through The Hobbiton Trailer Guest 42.26MB 196
The Circle Islands thorongil 269KB 215
Rhovanion Lake thorongil 249KB 203
Journey Through Hobbiton thorongil 295KB 183
BT2 DC 2.2 Patch MaDDox 6.47MB 431