LotR: The Battle for Middle-earth II - The Rise of the Witch-king

After Sauron's defeat in The Battle of the Last Alliance his most powerful servant called the Witch-King, Lord of the Nazgul fled to the Lands north of Misty Mountains. Over a thousand years have now...

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BuccS Tower Defense 326KB 394
Land of Battle_Episode_2-The Conquest 755KB 385
Land of Battle Episode 1 745KB 331
Megan Fox Shell Map 425KB 126
Snowy Hills WK Final 284KB 98
Minas Tirith Remake 457KB 421
Defense Land Final Two 221KB 254
Panics Arnor mod 3.06MB 234
River map 65KB 137
Minas Tirith 417KB 456
Mirkwood Entry 146KB 142
maps 258KB 348
2fort 52KB 591
2fort 51KB 79
One Way 237KB 160
The Ents Have Died 3 updated 442KB 158
The Ents Have Died 3 441KB 66
East Arnor 706KB 214
Super Nanduhirion 549KB 508
Break it up! (v2) 182KB 226
The Ruins 629KB 90
Super Nanduhirion 549KB 171
Battle For The Northern Kingdom 2.08MB 703
ralf mod final fixed 3.72MB 243
ralf mod final 3.72MB 139
Wars of the East Mod 174.91MB 1484
Fornost: City of the North 700KB 584
Menu Styles 5.81MB 276
Kryso Mod 3.3MB 254
Minas Tirith the White City... With Snow? 148KB 518
Bree Land 469KB 157
Soukyoku Hill V.1 35KB 187
Moonlight Greif V.2 107KB 195
Minas Tirith Tower of The Setting Sun 105KB 398
8x8-pack.zip 5.9MB 801
Circle Islands Trailer Version 1 57.66MB 50
Bfme 2 Evil Campaign Lev 1 :) 28.59MB 191
Fight For Glory Trailer Version 3 Of 4 29.46MB 64
Monster Mappack 9.53MB 1058
300 BFME2 Style!! 14.33MB 307
MansLand Trailer 640x480 17.52MB 93
Fight for Glory 443KB 1126
Capture the Flag`s 288KB 353
Land of Battle2 758KB 483
ElbDefense 2.14MB 412
City of Dol Amroth 25KB 1286
Isengard- War In the Deep 93KB 376
Great Elven City 33KB 948
Minas Duras Fortress of Anflalas 26KB 306
Defend the Hornburg against enemy waves 613KB 503