Angmar Faction Maybe Units

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Published by Digz 16 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Here is some Info Darkmorgulking, Blinkyblob and KlunG have managed to come up with about Angmar: The Witch-King of Angmar The Witchking will be Angmars main Hero, he'll ride on a horse instead of a fellbeast now but rest assured he is still just as deadly. With powers much like nazguls he will either be a very useful support hero for debuffing enemy units or a tank excellent for soaking up plenty of damage. Powers: Screech - Sends enemies fleeing Dread Visage - De buffs nearby enemy units Hour of the Witch-King - Resets ability timers on heroes Rogash The Troll Hero Rogosh is a large, stupid brute adept at crushing enemies into dust. With a powerful leaping attack that sends nearby soldiers flying (it's even more powerful than Gimli's similar ability) he will surely be useful as an anti clumping hero. Probably a mid game hero Rogash will really come into his own when backed up with cavalry that will be able to easily catch the remaining units after being pulverised. Powers: Leap - Kills enemies Rogash lands on, and sends units nearby flying This is just some information from gamereplays check out the full thread on the units they have managed to conjure up here:
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