Clanwars Update: 07/03/2007

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Published by Digz 12 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
March Clanwars has had a brief start for it's first week in action but hopefully it will be a great tight contest as it is right now! Clan Rankings: 1 . JR| 2,624 pts. 2 . ORF 2,608 pts. 3 . [LNL] 2,570 pts. 4 . Real| 2,569 pts. 5 . PoW| 2,551 pts. Warrior Rankings: 1 . Orfalch|KhaTiaM 1,733 pts. 2 . [LNL]LocoLukyy 1,517 pts. 3 . Real|Miese 1,313 pts. 4 . ]EzRa[VendeTTa 1,262 pts. 5 . [MfC]iceman 1,206 pts. The Rankings are as tight as ever, this months looks to be a great battle as Orfalch and Lordz and Legendz and also JR the winners of last months clanwars by a considerable distance! Good Luck to all clans!
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