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Published by Digz 9 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


As you all know from last weeks news post about adding files to the RotWK section has not become possible due to the developers names not showing, I am still not prepared to post the files without the developers credit so I have just made a new category in the BFME2 section called RotWK, with just general sub-categories called Maps and Mods.

Please note this will be temporary until the problem is fixed, as I want maps and mods to be released on LotRFiles and so they shall under this new section. The category will take time to render so don't worry if your looking through the categories and can't find it yet, it should be rendered in a couple of hours from this post (the time is now 9:30 GMT).

So users don't get confused next to maps and mods posted in the BFME2 section but under the RotWK category, map names will have RotWK in front of it just incase. I thought I'd be rather pro-active instead of waiting it out!

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