Goblin General Guide

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Published by Digz 13 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
This will be the second to last Goblin strategy, then we will switch to a new faction to work on for the next week and a bit. This strategy is a general strategy and can be applied if your Goblins and facing random, in the guide you'll find possible solutions to different types of units you may face later on in the game and certain situations. May I remind you that these strategies are not set in stone, if your opponent buys even one extra hero that can change the whole game and make you to change your strategy, so by all means follow the guides I make, but not to every single step, be mindful and may the force be with you (or ring should I say). The general build order for Goblins vs Random in RotWK is pretty simple, a spam of soldiers and archers mixed will work very well during early game and the build order is something like this: Tunnel Tunnel Goblin Cave Tunnel Goblin Cave Here's a basic powerpoint list before we get started on the match itself: Bats->Wildmen->Watcher->Balrog If you need the buff, buy tainted land, it helps a lot when trying to take out farms close to his fortress or even military buildings, or even the fort itself. Spam out 3/4 soldiers at the start and get them round the map to steal any warg lair money your opponent may try and get, if your playing 2v2, send them up to either enemies base and try and get their farms, remember to clump and set them to aggressive stance to do max damage to their farms. Goblins, have the fastest units and can really spam so use that to your advantage, it's up to you how many tunnels you build, your doing well in early game and your first rush worked well then build tunnels everywhere so your units can pop out and hit enemy units when passing by and build more caves. If your in control or even if your not, try build Goblins Archers as fast as you can (it helps if your rush went succesful as it keeps your enemy back while your trying to make archers and it helps if you take out some of their farms too as it keeps their economy down). Goblin Archers have huge range, bigger than orc archers and close to elven so use it! Don't just buy one archer battalion buy loads and loads because archers are the way forward in RotWK! Same strat applies if your in a 2v2. You should have bought loads of archers now, and have them all together to maximise damage, you can buy Azog or Goblin King if you want but their just a waste to be honest, instead buy a fissure and expand it and buy half trolls, make sure you build more tunnels and try to expand as much as you can. If you can build a treasure trove and start buying upgrades mostly for your halftrolls, get fire arrows later as your half trolls will be doing the damage here. Half trolls can kill anything, they have the best damage to buildings, and heroes and other units so use them! Buy upgrades and finish your opponent off by using your archers as cover for enemy units to protect your trolls. That's most of the guide done, but here is what will happen if you face certain units: Enemy goes for soldier/archer spam: You should go the same, goblin spam can outdo any other spam apart from a goblin mirror of course, so keep up the archer spam with a couple of soldiers here and there. Try go for fast spider riders when you have enough money and take them out. Same goes for if your opponent goes for mass archers, spider riders are the fastest cav in the game apart from Knights of Dol Amroth and can trample pretty well. Enemy goes for pikes/archers: Use your own archers to take out his pikes and use your riders sparingly against his archers, try go round the back and take out his farms to make him feel under pressure. Enemy goes for cavalry: Your archers will be useless here, if your opponent goes fast cav, your in big trouble, any goblin player would be, you have to try and get fast pikes, it's obvious you'll be doing this so as your getting half trolls get out some archers too as your opponent will be likely to for swordsmen to take out your pikes. Hope you enjoyed the guide, the next guide will be Goblins vs Dwarves, a seriously hard match up that I'll be trying to conquer! Digz
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