Goblin Hero Guide : Shelob

By Digz 15 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Shelob, most of you have probably never used her in a game of RotWK, simply because there is no need for her or any Goblin hero really, you can just finish off your opponent with upgrades. But I shall tell you how to user her! It's rather simply really, she is very fast, good at trampling but hates pikes, you can all guess what type of unit she is based on in the engine, it's cavalry. The trick is not to buy her first or when you have 2000 money, instead get some spider riders, and bide your time, obviously get some archers and goblin warriors to protect your own base and harrass the opponent, while your riders can kill off warg lairs to get some more money. Always get a treasure trove and forged blades, even heavy armour if you wish, before building Shelob, she isn't that important trust me. After you get your upgrades, get Shelob (if you haven't already finished the game) and group her with your spider riders, she can trample and run along with them which makes it easier for them to trample and of course if she's killing things and your riders are killing things, she gets a rank up much more easily. When facing Shelob, people have no idea what to do, primarily because they have no idea how to use her in the first place, it's completely different for example trying to kill a Fellbeast (archers) or a Nazgul (pikes). Shelob as a cavalry hero dies to pikes, so if your against her, use pikes, arrows will do damage to her as well but she can just run over swordsman and archers pretty easily, so pikes are your best bet especially if she's grouped with other spider riders, which she really should be for maximum rank up and damage. Please note, she isn't a must for every goblin match up, she can be good against elves, if you take her round the back with some riders and go for the mirkwoods so your half trolls can come in, but otherwise Azog is still the main way to go. Digz

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