Goblin Powerpoint Tree Guide

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Published by Digz 13 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
This guide will explain to you all the different spells and pathways you may take during a game, do remember that powerpoint paths can change as your enemy will react differently to what your doing or to what he/she wants to do, so don't follow the powerpoint guide strictly, there is room for change and adjustment to suit your strategies.
Here are all the powerpoints in the tree going from left to right: [b]First Tier[/b] War Chant- Target allies gain +50% damage and +50% armor. Tainted land- Taints an area of terrain, all ally units gain +50% damage and +50% armor. Cave Bats- Reveals the shroud and detects stealthed units, significantly reduces enemy armor and damage. [b]Second Tier[/b] Summon Spiderling Allies- Several hordes of spiderlings crawl out of the earth at a specified location. Scavenger- Killed enemy units are scavenged for additional resources. Untamed Allegiance- Allows the player to take control of a target lair and recruit the associated unit. Summon Wildmen of Dunland- Several hordes of wildmen appear at a specified location. [b] Third Tier[/b] Awaken Wyrm- This foul, flightless dragon ermerges from beneath the ground, breathing fire and lashing out at any nearby target. Darkness- A dark cloud rolls across Middle-Earth, granting your units a combat bonus. Summon Watcher- A giant kraken, similar to the one found in the waters outside of Moria, instantly appears, felling enemies with its terrible tentacles and devouring its panicking prey. [b]Fourth Tier[/b] Summon Dragon- Summons the fire breathing dragon to the battlefield. Balrog- Instantly summons the Balrog to the battlefield. All of these powerpoints have their own use and functions, the path I usually take in most of my Goblin matches is this one: Bats->Wildmen->Watcher->Balrog This is a good general one to use as bats can scout at the start while you build your resource buildings and your military buildings and it's also good because it can pick out potential forward mines and tunnels and also forward rax's. Usually I find I need a buff pp(powerpoint) at times so I'll usually get tainted land as it lasts for a bit longer than wc(war chant) and it gets me the path to Scavenger if I'm low on money or even Untamed Allegiance if I'm near a cave troll lair that I haven't creeped yet. Only use ua (Untamed Allegiance) if you have a cave troll lair, as warg lairs and goblin lairs are pretty useless to buy units from. Another path I do take is: Tainted Land->Scavenger->Wyrm->Summon Dragon This can also change from not going to Wyrm but going to Darkness instead so you can buy the Balrog afterwards. The main problem when not starting with bats is that if your opponent rushes you and uses a buff pp like rc(rallying call) or wc, you have nothing to debuff them, and even if you rush as Goblins like I do, bats can provide enemy units with a much needed attack debuff so they can't kill your units that fast. There are many powerpoint pathways you can take, these are just two but the basic two and general two which you can use against all of the factions, but this does depend on what your opponent buys and what position you are in, in the match up. Hope you all enjoyed this very small but informative guide, this is the first guide for the Goblins week so expect more to come including faction v faction guides and general Goblin guides like this one.
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