Goblins vs Dwarves Guide

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Published by Digz 13 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
One last strategy for the Goblins before we switch over to our next faction, this game is between Dwarves and Goblins, which might I add is the hardest for Goblins due to the fact how Goblins have such low health and how strong Dwarves are. So I'm going to attempt to break this and show you how to beat Dwarves. The first thing you should do is get bats as a powerpoint, if your against random then it's best you get bats. If you get Dwarves you'll be thinking "oh great" but never fear you've already scouted him out and use the bats wisely, see what he's building, if it's an archery range, you'll get fast spider riders, if it's a hall of warriors you'll need to spam out archers fast, as all archers can take out units in RotWK. Your build order for axe throwers is: Tunnel Tunnels Spider Cave->Upgrade cave after 1st unit of spiderling Tunnel With your spiderlings take out his mines, if you see at's (axe throwers) avoid them, wait for your spider riders to take them out, just harrass and take out his mines, the lings and riders are too fast so his at's won't bother chasing them. When you get your riders take out his at's, your opponent will now be getting pikes for sure, nows the time to get up some caves and spam out archers making sure your cavalry stay alive. Keep harrassing and when he gets pikes send in your archers and take them out. Sound simple enough huh? But it isn't, most good Dwarven players will "mine" like crazy, you can check out when I was Dwarves on how I put mines everywhere around the map so be weary of that. You can use your lings to creep steal or even use some of your archers and riders to get the money from warg lairs to try and keep your economy up while spamming archers. If Dwarves go for a battlewagon, use your lings and riders to take it out but keep your archers away from it, sounds like common sense but bw's can keep going and going so even if your cavalry is attacking it, still move your archers away. If your plan has gone right, you should be on top with the Dwarven player looking very grim behind his screen, get forged blades and use them on your riders, they can easily take out the fort with the help of tainted land. Your build order for pikes/soldiers are: Tunnel Tunnel Goblin Cave Tunnel Goblin Cave This ones slightly tricky, spam some soldiers as no doubt the player will go for pikes first to creep, go near some warg lairs and see if he's there, if he is wait till he kills the lair then you use the goblins speed to come in and steal the money, this will help in getting archers faster. The dwarven player will not look to go for bw or even at's, either way get riders, as if he goes for at's your half trolls will die no doubt, so safer bet is going for spider riders to take him out completely, but send them round the back to avoid his pikes. Get upgrades and finish him off, just watch out for Gloin when your archers are together because he can really do some damage and rank up fast, as well as Brand too. It sounds very very simple but it isn't trust me, a lot of concentration and micro/macro management and economy management needs to go into this game, if you don't creep or at least creep steal you'll find both stratgies very hard early/mid game and if you are on the back foot early/mid game your likely to have a terrible mid/late game as your opponent will be on top. Any advice to you is don't try this at home :p it's a killer match and very hard for the Goblin player to win. Digz