Motw 2.01 Patch Analysis

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Published by Digz 15 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Motw is a unique faction with many different attributes to take down enemies. Motw has varied units mostly average however it's the units that give them a real boost and the push they need to win.
I've compiled a list of the heroes you really need to take a note of and use or not use, this should be helpful to maximising your strategy whichever your going to follow and will give you an idea on who to buy first. Theoden: He is the true King of Rohan, he doesn't rank up too quick but with other cavalry he can run rampage with his great leadership which everyone missed in 2.00(not like he didn't have it, there just wasn't a use for him) now Knights own and with Theo's leadership it makes a great early/mid game cav with the leadership to harrass the enemy and really get your opponents nerves, he can't take out warg lairs so easily takes about 30 seconds. To get to rank 6 takes some time and patience really depends on how much you use him but it is well worth it and the leadership all counts so he is a must buy with knights early as you can! Eomer: One of my favourite heroes of BFME2, his leadership is ok and his ability to loot is great at such an early level, he ranks up fast with good damage and his leadership gives a boost to now an ok rohirrum unit, he could be bought as an extra if you have some cash lying around as well as some cp. Boromir: As good as always, his horn may not take out a large radius as it used to but it is still effective for your cav to go round the units to go for the fort or whatever, his leadership is good at rank 5 and he can take out lairs easy to ranking up won't be a problem. Aragorn: The King of Men is now at 2000! That's a bargain! If you get into mid/late game him and boro make a good partnership with your footsoldiers if you have any or even defending your base or going to attack with your cav, the ellendil and horn makes a good combo when for example your horn is recharging you can use ellendil. Gandalf: Still as good as ever, really only get him if you need it, late game best bet, he isn't BFME1 1.02 material yet for Rotwk he's just not strong enough and cheap enough to be kept being re bought after he gets killed, but late game yes a good addition with aragorn and cavalry as he can use his great powers with them.
This section is for the units, I've done this only for the units that your really going to use and that have changed a lot! Gondor Soldier: This unit is back! From the good old early game of BFME2, EA have brought it back, soldiers cannot be spammed now as they used to as they cost 250, but they are useful early game for harassment and can take out units quite well and lairs to get you that early extra resources you need! Rangers: They have been nerfed by EA in 2.01 don't have such a great use now so really don't bother unless your enemy has gone all pikes then maybe get a few, you can use them with Boro and Aragorn supporting them but try to keep them on the low. Gondor Knights: It's a pleasure to still have them in the motw useful unit line up, you can get them after your rax and surprise the enemy with Gondor Knights which can rip production buildings to shreds, then get Theoden and your off to a winning start with his leadership! Rohirrum: Quite strong, have always been very elegant, with leadership and some upgrades they can do some serious damage, don't count on Theoden providing the main focus for the attack, the glorious charge does not work forever but is effective, use the rohirrum to cover theoden sometimes as his health is quite low! Eomer would be a good addition and again only if you have extra cp and resources. Knights of Dol Amroth: Well their fort damage has been decreased by 50% which everyone thinks makes them useless but they still carry quite a punch, you can use these units with knights, rohirrum and theoden maybe even eomer also to maximise the damage your doing to absolutely anything! That combo is one of the best Cav combos in the game!
[u]Possible Build Orders[/u]
Well I'm not the Motw strat mod that's Bkon so I'll leave the officials to him but going over this here are some of my build orders you get the impression of for Motw: 1) Farm->Farm->Barracks->Soldier->Farm->Barracks->Farm->Stables You really have to build farms to keep up your soldier rush and harassment, its imperative you do this because soldiers now cost 250! So you can't just spam them anymore, you should harass him a lot and try to keep him rebuilding production buildings so that hurts his economy, then you can go for stables take out warg lairs get money for Theoden and wipe them out. 2) Farm->Farm->Barracks->Barracks->Farm->Farm->Stables I don't recommend using this one due to the lack of resources your going to have, however I have played vs someone and they have used it and came out ok, they move onto knights quite quickly and destroy one barracks to give them some money to build their stables, they go and hunt warg lairs all day due to lack of resources to get theo and more knights however this leaves you wide open for an attack. 3) Farm->Farm->Barracks->Farm->Farm->Stables You can stick with one barracks and go for the early stables which sometimes is a better idea if your enemy has got cavalry already and this allows you to harass more frequently and get out a hero early as knights and Theoden really do own that hard.
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