RJ Rotwk Mod Update - A Guide to Elves

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Published by Digz 9 years ago , last updated 1 year ago




It's been a year since the last RJ-RotWK beta release, and the year has been full of progress. The release of v1.06 is coming in a couple of months and to lead up to the release, we're providing glimpses into what you can expect. If you thought 1.05.06 was a large update, you have not seen anything yet.

Click the Elven Guide book above to get a walkthrough of how the Elven Faction has been split into 3 sub-factions, and how they work together as allies to defend Middle-Earth. Over 15 new units and even more reskins have been done to bring to life Tolkien's Elves. Another news item will come out to walk through all of the units/structures.

Click the Mapping Gallery book above to see a larger, updated gallery of new maps to 1.06 (many news since the last update). Mapping has always been an important aspect of the mod, starting with the first RJ maps to mix BFME1 and BFME2 gameplay. With version 1.06 not only are we adding 20+ skirmish maps, but we are laying the groundwork for 2 very important areas: a new living, WotR map and campaigns. A very important note, almost every in-game image in this update was taken during regular gameplay. There were no additional camera animations to obtain these shots, just regular gameplay.

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