RotWK Faction of the Week - Goblins

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Published by Digz 9 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Every now and again to keep a decent flow of strategies coming through, I'll be doing a Faction of the week, which will be linked to Rise of the Witchking until all the RotWK factions are done then move on to BFME2. Note that the strategies are for the official EA patches not for the unofficial ones released by Gamereplays. If you would like to submit a strategy for Goblins for this week you can do so by clicking our submit news page and calling it Goblins RotWK Strategy, state what is the strategy called or if it is a particular strategy against a specific faction.

The first week will be Goblins as they are my favourite faction in BFME2 and RotWK, I'll be doing general tips for them each day as I think of them and do some strategies as well against factions or general ones against random to then you can then follow your own way when you know who your against or follow the guides for a specific faction.

I have started a RotWK strategy homepage just like the BFME1 one, but I'm not going to list it until this first week is up. If there is a replay an it's titled something like "Goblin v Dwarves" that usually means if you watch that replay that is exactly how to play against Dwarves, usually I will write up a guide though, and not just leave you with a replay. I do realise that the BFME1 strategies aren't complete even though I am sure I posted quite a few Mordor ones but I can't find them and won't come up in the search so I guess I will have to do re-do them sometime this week or the next.

In the midst of that, I'd just to remind you that the Faction of the week is Goblins as you've probably forgotten it in all my talk :p

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