Rotwk Tip: Easy Ranking up for Heroes!

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Published by Digz 14 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Most of you buy boromir or gothmog or any hero really and for Rotwk it is needed dearly so I'm going to tell you how to rank them up without them doing anything. Firstly if your on the attack, get archers e.g rangers/orc archers/axe throwers anything really that attacking from range apart from catapults. Put your hero next to them in defensive stance so they don't keep trying to attack the incoming units, as your ranged infantry take out the opponents units your hero will rank up gaining experience from your own units, I got Boromir to level 8 in a 3v3 by just standing him next to my rangers while they were firing, plus if any cavalry comes the heroes can take them out! If your on the defense, this applies mainly to Motw, get rangers and build a dormitory and stand boromir next to the dormitory he'll simply rank up, use horn and take out the units! At least get leadership first, that'll pick em off more easier. Digz
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