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Published by Digz 16 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Here is what Tom chick had to say from Yahoo Games: The Battle for Middle Earth games pretty much have it all. The original game drew from Peter Jackson's movies for inspiration. The sequel looked to Tolkien's books, incorporating new factions, units, powers, and heroes that Peter Jackson didn't include. Even Tom Bombadil made it into Battle for Middle Earth II. So what's Electronic Arts going to do to follow up? Where can they turn for an expansion pack to the sequel? Are there any worlds left in Middle Earth? "Appendix A of Return of the King," says Amir Rahimi when asked about the source of the story he's been telling. It's an account of the 3,000 years between the Ring being taken from Sauron and the events of the books being set in motion by Bilbo Baggins. In those years, the Nazgul appeared and the Witch-King established Angmar, fighting a war against the men of Arnor who would be Aragorn's ancestors. This expansion pack is a prequel. "Think of it as the rise of evil," Rahimi says. The most notable addition in Rise of the Witch-King is the new Angmar faction. "What we've tried to do is really get into Tolkein's world and to try to get into WETA's [the special effects company that worked on the movies] and Peter Jackson's heads. We've taken as many cues from the films as we can. It's been a great responsibility and a great honor." Angmar's buildings, for instance, are inspired by the Witch-King's armor and the architecture of cities like Minas Morgal. However, they have an almost quaint conservative look with their Victorian gables. But these gables are complemented by brutal spikes thrusting skyward. The Angmar fortress looks like a cruel version of the Globe Theatre. You can find the whole post here:
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