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Angmar, you either love it or you hate it. There are many strategies to use for angmar, as they are so versatile, so for my first strategy post I'm going to do the "beloved" angmar. First of all the build order: Hall of the Kings Men Mill Mill Mill Temple of Twilight *Upgrade Temple* Mill Mill Troll and Wolf Den *Upgrade Den* Mill Dark Iron Forge The first thing you should ever do with angmar is to buy 2 thrall masters asap. They provide excellent defence against rushers, (i myself have never lost against rush with this) and i also suggest to place one next to resource buildings closest to the enemy for the obvious reason of "resource rushers" just for the first 15 minutes of the match. If you start with extra resources you may want to build a second hall of kings men to build pure rangers, which are one of the stronger units of angmar. Next on the "to do fast" list are sorcerers. They are the most powerful support unit in the game. their unique ability to heal troops and claim souls to use against the enemy is outstanding! what ever you do with angmar you should always have at least 1 sorcerer with you they turn the tide of battle in an instant, especially with rangers. EA make it seem that corpse rain is the Strongest AND deadliest sorcerer attack there is.. but that, in my opinion, is wrong i suggest to get well of souls fast. *A good little trick (if you have 1500 resources+) is to do a little resource rush yourself, build 1 thrall master and upgrade with wolf riders straight away Mid match, you should keep the opposition distracted with hill trolls and rangers (or if you cant afford it Rhundar axe throwers and Rhundar Spearmen), an almost invulnerable combination, while you build up an army of: 4 ranger hordes 4 sorcerer s* 2 with well of souls 1 with soul freeze and 1 with corpse rain 2 pikes 2 swords 3 catapults X Thrall masters ( use to take up cps) Obviously there is a huge cost factor for this but with good defences with thrall masters, you should be able to afford it Next just send 'em in. (At this stage ts very common to come across the enemy's main force, if this does occur, try not to use your army as the attack force, if you do have any use army summoning spells like gundabad Orcs or wights straight away so they take up the front line, but don't use anything like the wolf power that can be used for later.) A very good tactic to use with catapults and pikes is the make the pike men the porcupine around the siege unit making it impossible for anything to touch it, which then is virtually invulnerable from melee attack, and free to destroy what ever it pleases. So don't just send your army in like they are expendable keep them close to catapults and let the catapults destroy the buildings and wipe out the enemy with out the hastle of taking out a huge defence force. keep your units on standard formation until they engage the enemy, then switch to defence to protect the catapults. The fortress is the top priority, as it is the most expensive and powerful building there is ( by the way, if your going against a race which has a fort that has a attack ability, i.e mordors gorgoroth spire, keep an eye on it as it could fire, if the defender has any sense, at any time and wipe your whole army out. and if you see it activate move STRAIGHT back as you do not know where it could land.) Follow this strategy and 9/10 it will work. But what of the other 1/10? no strategy is perfect... so how do you defend? Defending with angmar is a lot easier than it seems.... the best strategy for a successful defence is to build at least 4 towers, not to spread out among your base, fully garrisoned with rangers, preferably upgraded, with at least 2 sorcerers upgraded with well of souls. use the sorcerers to "well of soul" on a large concentration of troops and use archers to pick them off adding the wights to your defence army. you should be able to cast well of souls 4 times in succession so use it wisely and make sure you target the affected "wights-to-be" before its too late. once one is transformed into a wight a wave of wights should appear due the previous wight taking down 3 at a time. using this strategy the defence should not last longer than 1 minute. This strategy is based on a 1 v 1 situation but still works effectively in any other team combination. I will create more in depth guide with strategies against specific factions with angmar in the future.
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