Strategy: Mordor General

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[u]Mordor[/u] Build Order: Slaughter House Slaughter House Haradrim Palace (*upgrade palace*) (at least) 5 Slaughter Houses Orc Pit "X" Slaughter Houses (as many as you can) Great siege works Ironically the men, in Mordor's army, play a bigger role of wiping out the enemy than orcs do (at the first part anyway). As soon as the haradrim palace is built up, you want to upgrade it straight away so that haradrim lancers become available to you. After the upgrade is finished to need to begin spamming haradrim lancers and easterlings for a while, while you start to build as many slaughter houses as possible. Once you have a stable resource income start to build an orc pit or two and start mass producing black orcs, and archers and add them to the spamming armies, also if you have the resources you could also build a great siege works and to add as many catapults to your armies as possible, as catapults with mordor, are the cheapest in the game and helps to speed up the "dust turning" of enemy structures. Obviously use the good old pike formation with easterlings around the catapults to protect them from damage. if the resources are high enough it is a good idea to then maybe upgrade the whole armies fully and have one Big push with at least 5 catapults and usually after a long spamming of lancers and orcs that would finish them off. [u]mumakil[/u] a big disappointment in the game, its actually considered as a weak unit in my books. 2 rohan spear men could take it down, even if it charged, and until they fix this and makes it slightly stronger, i would not advise buying a mumakil, as the cloth around the mumakil pen would probably last longer. [u]Siege Maps[/u] Siege maps when you are playing as mordor is pretty much the same thing, apart from, less easterlings and a lot more attack trolls and maybe less catapults to make space to build siege towers. yes you heard me right, siege towers are one of the under rated siege units there is. obviously this is because people usually only make 1 siege tower and think that is it. its better to make as many siege towers as the are wall spaces. your opponent will not have enough time to destroy all of them by the time your army over the wall( literally coping LOTR:ROTK MINAS TIRITH SEIGE) and archers on walls would also have to be dealt with if they have silver-thorn of fire upgrades, so line up a few catapults and "RELEASE THE PRISONERS" upon them leaving the walls utterly defenceless towards siege towers. Once over, start queueing up units in barracks' ready to replace them and always attack move to you target, just running pass them will just leave your back open when you are destroying their fortress. if their is a clear route send up a few catapults to speed up things. you may have to repeat this a couple of times if the defender is any good. [u]Defence[/u] if its all going the other way, the best thing to for you to do its to build as many different units as possible so then you can probably deal with whatever comes your way. (unless they attack with the same same type unit IE- rohirrim, then you'd get easterlings) defending with mordor is mordors weak points so you will spend a good amount of time defending you self before you get back on your feet. Also a couple of defence towers would not go a miss.
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