Strategy: The boys are back in town (1)

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Published by Digz 15 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Due to my revision and work from school, it's been hard for me to keep up with this sites inoming news and files but the people who have come in and worked here and have done a fantastic job: WVG19(Windowsvistageek19) Selek Wattan Crocatowa You guys have made the site keep going when I was away and I'd like to thank them for making sure files and news were still coming your way, I'm sure the community would like to thank you as well for bringing you some awesome maps, we've had quite a few in the last few days alone! Keep it up! Back to business, I haven't done any tips of strategies for quite some time so let's kick it off with some unit pointers. As the title suggests, the boys are back in town, meaning the good old units from BFME2 which we used to use all the time are now back in! 1st to be mentioned are the good old Uruk Warriors. Uruks weren't really used in patch 2.00 mostly because you had the wildmen which took out buildings like they had the health of gollum and the axethrowers just ruled. Then you got lurtz and beserkers and it was all over, EA have implemented the Uruks back into Rotwk and what a job they have done of it! Ururks have been many peoples favourite unit for some time since BFME1 where Isengard was one of the strongest armies with their pike-crossbow combination, the Uruks early game could take out anyone and really frustrate the opponent. Now in Rotwk they can do just about the same, they can take out military and resource buildings very easily which makes them a formidable force early on in the game. They can also take out most units if micro'd and stanced properly using the defensive formation virtually "given" to them by EA, if you don't use it start now! It increases defence by 25% you should use that when your against other units. Uruks have so much power and to be able have them so early on in the game is truly a gift from EA to any Isen fanatic. They can create a strong attack as well as move quickly to take out lairs for resources or to capture Inns or resource buildings, good for harassment as they move so fast. With all of that the opponent has quite an early game on their hands, if they fail to stop your Uruks early game they will eventually loose the game if you put the correct amount of pressure on them. The unit is not the cheapest to build but they don't die easily either, Uruks are extremely strong which means for early game they do pretty much own everything they see. One thing they don't own are of course heroes, pikes are the best for them. With the Uruks creating so much pressure early game it gives you a huge foundation to build your army for mid and late game for example getting Lurtz, pikes, wargs, beserkers, siege and of course armour. Which leads me onto Uruks with armour, they are unstoppable if again stanced properly and used in the right way, they are also an excellent meatshield for your crossbows or other units needing to be covered while you go around the back or side with your other units. Hope you enjoyed this tip! There will be more coming as lot's of units have been put back from BFME2 into Rotwk so expect more! Digz
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