Strategy: The boys are back in town (2)

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Published by Digz 15 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Here we have another unit that has arisen from the dead. The unit is what we call "Gondor Soldiers" they were widely used in BFME1 and 2 but lost it in the early stags of Rotwk, the new patch has brought them to life and really made them worth buying again. We used to spam them a lot in clanwar games as they used to be a perfect unit to rush with, with a double rax strat. Now you can't really spam them anymore as well they cost 250 now, believe me 250 is so much more than 200, especially early game when you don't really that much to spend. So they can't be spammed anymore, that doesn't mean we can't use them. They have a good general defence with a pretty decent attack also their speed isn't half bad which makes them a very useful unit early game just like the ururks apart from he uruks are much more stronger and powerful. Gondor Soldiers you could say are specialists, they can take out resource buildings like it wasn't even there, resrouce buildings meaning farms, furnaces, mines,etc... However when they try to take out a production building for example a barracks, it takes them longer to do so only if they aren't rc'd or have upgrades. The main thing to really attack early game is resource buildings, you need to take them out to cripple your opponenents resources and make him buy new ones to really take his mind off building units which he really should be doing. So early game for Motw, is building Gondor Soldiers, you won't have the money to spam them, so don't try it or you'll be left with no resources for middle game to buy your knights or rangers. A good edition to have early/mid game is Boromir, with these stout soldiers he can really pack a punch with his horn so he rank up but also kill off your enemy without you having to think. Having him early means more chance of you getting to those lairs, ranking him up and get that special money which the lairs have. So there you have it, the Soldiers of Gondor are back where they belong, on the front lines and taking out enemies swifly and painfully. Digz
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