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[u]Isengard[/u] Build Order: Furnace Uruk Pit Furnace Furnace Uruk Pit Furnace Furnace Warg Pit(?) Siege Works(?) Furnace Armory As many furnaces' as you can As soon as that Uruk Pit is built if, as soon as there's enough money in the bank spawn some uruk swordsmen straight away to either stop rushers, rush your self or to get head start on army building. its best to have a small starting army of 2 swordsmen 1 crossbow (or the other way round) and 1 pike hoard right at the start of the match.(if at the start of the match there is over 3000 resources its would be a great idea to get lurtz to join the initial armies. standing him next to crossbows levels him up faster.) You could, again, use for defence or to use as raiding parties at the start of the match (if your feeling confident). its best to send a few units to take an area with a small strong army and then send in weaker reinforcements to bulk it up. repeat over and over until you reach the enemy's main camp. You should only need uruk hai to beat your enemy (death bringers wont go a miss), but just in case things are going a bit slow or not to plan wargs can send a fortress crashing down In no time with howl and forged blades, just send em behind your enemy while hes busy with your other armies. same for the siege works, if its not going well Croat a few ballistas to speed up the the destructs of the enemy's building's. Another great thing to do (i do it for fun):D is the place bombs under trees so the enemy player may not notice, (obviously where they would probably come) and set up some fire crossbows near by. if a army large enough to wipe you off the face of the match goes near it NUKE EM! with most of their forces obliterated their pretty much defenceless. Siege maps speak for them selves. send in about five bombs wide apart at once and deploy them along the walls separately at least 1 should make it. blow the wall to pieces and start using the technique above to get the their main fortress.(it may be harder if theirs a height advantage, so it may be easier to just send in large upgraded armies one after another to get there for maps like helms deep.)
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