Tip of the Day: Knights of Dol Amroth

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Published by Digz 14 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Knights of Dol Armoth, koda for short, have great armour, agility and strength they can take down a fort rallying called or war chanted or whatever power you wish to use to power them up in about 3-4 hits. However one problem with this is due to their speed it is difficult to control them, you may be thinking it's very easy but when you play online and you have the lag of your opponent and many other areas that may need your concentration it is very difficult to move your koda the way you want to you. The best thing to know about koda is their trample is excellent, the best in the game they can take on many battalions of units and crush them however their greatest strength is also their weakness, they like to run into things so if pikes are there and you only hit 1 pike because of the formation of the koda is tight maybe 2 knights will go down instead of the one. So for you to have koda on the battlefield you must have full concentration and make sure your base is safe from attacks, to do 2 things in a game at the same time is ok but 3-4 is not good and your koda will loose out. If you have koda and have some money to spare think about getting Theoden and Eomer to give that boost of leadership just incase if you don't have rallying call, their leadership is about half of what rallying call can do and it's a passive power!
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