LotR: The Battle for Middle-earth II - The Rise of the Witch-king

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Angmar Assault II (Snow 7) aelvenwarrior 256KB 1000
Osgiliath Arthuil 301KB 1207
Manor of the Eorl Guest 404KB 863
Gondolin: The Hidden City klw 1.96MB 2657
Minas Tirith vs Minas Morgul Andro 408KB 2700
Minas Tirith - City of Kings eliec 1.86MB 5357
Archer Wars Norway_Rules 28KB 963
Mountain Wars SvN 192KB 501
300 Fight in the shade seemann 236KB 2353
Mirkwood's Kingdom TheNotorius 1.84MB 1252
Battle Of the Last Alliance maitremu 379KB 3309
Assault on Carn Dum Dre@mer 517KB 2805
Troll Farceur forest Maitre MÜ 237KB 510
Arnor strikes back! Arkintyro 160KB 758
The Kingdom of MEV SvN 165KB 1064
War of the 4 Lands Lascar_01 235KB 416
Misty Mountains Fortress Puppeteer 234KB 591
The Forest Arkintyro 321KB 480
Helm Hammerhand Arkintyro 304KB 1199
Gladden Fields MajorDima 419KB 422
Nangoranthondo Arkintyro 208KB 528
Dead Man's Dike Arkintyro 1.84MB 642
Ithilien Outpost smeaking 197KB 409
Armageddon Jake0402 32KB 605
Durthang MajorDima 858KB 977
Dragon Plains Link058 250KB 568
Menelfalas Loramrod 531KB 385
Resource Race PyRaMidMaN 396KB 180
The Final Path of the Dead Barahir92 408KB 680
Ithilien - The Moon Land seemann 700KB 354
The Badlands Adro 755KB 241
Battle Of Men HobbitMaster1301 62KB 289
Fall of the Iron Crown Dre@mer 411KB 772
The Battle Of Rivendell HobbitMaster1301 120KB 364
Land of Battle2 Buccane 758KB 484
ElbDefense Buccane 2.14MB 412
Moonlight Greif V.2 Thranos 107KB 195
Soukyoku Hill V.1 Thranos 35KB 187
Break it up! (v2) Thranos 182KB 226
River map rjorrin28 65KB 137
maps rjorrin28 258KB 349
Rotwk Map Pack v3 kushtrim 33.87MB 10684
Buccland Map Pack Buccane 2.38MB 1196
Monster Mappack Buccane 9.53MB 1058
8x8-pack.zip Multiple 5.9MB 802
Gondor Fortress aelvenwarrior 157KB 1303
Anuminas carglass 87KB 1131
RPG Adventure TheNotorius 500KB 1177
The Last Great Battle Rotwk version WKDClown01 192KB 723
The Ents have Died PyRaMidMaN 362KB 580