LotR: The Battle for Middle-earth II - The Rise of the Witch-king

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All Files In LotR: The Battle for Middle-earth II - The Rise of the Witch-king Media
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Media 300 BFME2 Style!!

This is Just a short 2 Min Video That I made called 300 Bfme2 Version. Using one Of the songs From 300 Its not the best but I think that y'...


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Media Fight For Glory Trailer Version 3 Of 4

Fight For Glory Trailer Version 3 Of 4 Trailer for a Map Made by Buccane Enjoy!!! And Be sure to download This Awesome Map!!! :)


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Media Bfme 2 Evil Campaign Lev 1 :)

Bfme 2 Evil Campaign Lev 1 This is Me playing the campaign on the evil side on Hard Took me 21 Min to complete and then sped up to un...


Media Megan Fox Shell Map

Megan Fox as Start Window in RotWK! DarkRider wanted this >hot< Babe! so I did it for him. You Want one ? Or you have a Idea ? Then send me...


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Video Digz Rotwk Art Video

A video made by me of all the art we have seen in one 4 minute video with quite a nice background music i think. I would like to thank the m...


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Video Rotwk Launch Trailer HD Versionlow res

The last movie we will ever see from EA Games for Lotr before its release. This movie is the release trailer which looks excellent in low re...


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Video Lotrfiles Rotwk Balance Mod v2 Video

Well, Lotrfiles Rotwk Balance Mod v2 is nearly here. I realised the mod was not complete and had a few bugs still in there and it waas not f...


Video Helms Deep Deeping Wall v2 Promo Video

Preview of the official V2 of Helm's Deep - Deeping Wall. Coming soon with many new features. Helm's Deep - Deeping Wall created b...


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Video RJ Trailer 320x240

A lower quality version of the RJ_Rotwk Mod, it really shows the campaign and missions from it, I must say based on this video alone the cam...


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Video Jungle Island Trailer

This is a map brought to you by Throngil and made by me He put alot of work and effort into this map so i think he deserves a great big ha...


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Video MansLand Trailer 640x480

Trailer Made By Me Description: MansLand Player: 2 Category: SuM Multilayer AI: Yes Two Islands, one great Bridge. Here are the Top...


Wallpapers Rotwk Logo 1024x768

Well we have all the official wallpapers coming out so it's only a matter of time now enjoy!


Wallpapers Rotwk Logo 1600 x 1200

Another logo but in a different size for those of you that need it!


Wallpapers The Witchking Wallpaper 1024 x 768

Well this is good pic of the Witchking on his dark horse looks really cool!


Wallpapers The Witchking Wallpaper 1600 x 1200

The Witchking wallpaper with this horse again but this time a bigger size.


Wallpapers The Witchking and Rhogash 1024 x 768

A great picture this is on my desktop, it's looks great with all the red and black!


Wallpapers The Witchking and Rhogash 1600 x 1200

Again the same picture of Rhogash and the Witchking but this time in a bigger size.


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Wallpapers Rogash Wallpapers

Here are two wallpapers for Rogash both the same but different sizes. It's a very nice painty picture effect.


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Wallpapers Carn Dum Wallpapers

The Carn Dum Fortress of Angmar which they have and use in the game.


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Wallpapers Morgimir Wallpapers

Two wallpapers of Morgimir, they are quite nice but he looks rather scary.


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Wallpapers Nice battle eh ?

This picture is, as you can see from online game moment...Also if you read the text (in the foto) it will be useful because it says how do d...